=504= Reflections: Related

Well, I have been feeling like a bum at home these few weeks, but like, after yesterday, I am assured that it wasn’t all a waste.

I took a lot of time out to learn from a mainly two people. Then yesterday, I found myself slowly understanding what to do and found myself being clearer on the whole sound engineering thing.

I felt so accomplished yesterday when I was recording and my lecturer was happy with the recording. I honestly learned so much about mic-ing, mixing and recording. Man, now I want to do studio only! 😂

I guess asking two of the sound engineering masters to teach me was really such a good decision. Let me continue to learn how to get a good sound out.

A recurring theme that I have been learning was that nothing learned is wasted. Both of them told me about how their different course of study helped them to do what they are doing now. I have been feeling quite uneasy ever since I applied for Comm studies and my English kept getting corrected. Man. Honestly, when I asked and the dude said, “yeah a lot of writing and GP.” My heart sank a little. However, knowing that I am able to mix and match my course of study, that made me more at ease with Comm studies.

What you study will not restrict what you will do as a job in the future. If you want to change carreer paths, it is possible to do so too.

Having my talk today with Tat Wai was such a fantastic and wonderful thing. Man, no wonder I love him so much. HAHAH, I kinda forgotten how he was and like how wise and informed he is. He gives really such great advice. Really broadened my perspective. Advice on how to put God first. Advice on what I should try. The word of Wisdom that Tat Wai gives, MANNN. 

“You think like an engineer!” Man, best compliment you could have given me man. HAHAH! I really do think that over the course of last two Sems, I became very engineer. I have been thinking and learning a lot of things, trying to make sense of a lot of stuff in what they do. I am just Wah. HAHA.

Today my dinner with Tat Wai was such a different one. I remembered that I was always in a position that I am smaller than him, learning everything from him. Today, it seemed that I can talk to him more like a peer. It seemed like we both are Engineers trying to understand each other’s field of study. It was really amazing for me.

Thank you God SOO much for this spiritual giant. Man. Thank you Lord.