=506= Word: Walk

When you start your walk pretty heavy hearted, but you end it, still heavy hearted, but better.

I wonder sometimes, would I have been happier if I didn’t poke my finger into things. I obviously don’t regret it, but you know, just wondering. With my demeneor, I doubt that people would have noticed if I didn’t poke.

However through these few months, I have grown quite a bit. I have learned how to be more vulnerable and how to support people more.

Perhaps, just perhaps one day, I will be able to learn how to balance and guard.

Quite thankful for conversations tonight, you now who you are. Walking around NEX, just chatting, man, such a joy.

I am thinking up of a story about this poor dog owner having to give up his dog’s puppy to someone else because he cannot support the puppy.

Oh well.

Thank you Lord.