=509= Five Word Post: New Segment

Ok, so basically, I do take too long sometimes to reflect and write down all my thoughts, some of my trip reviews and all never get completed because of the sheer amount of content. So to simplify and make my job simple as a blogger, I will introduce to you my new segment, the five word post. Basically, a post with 5 words! I may or may not elabourate, so yeah, if you understand, good for you, if you don’t, you can ask me! I might just answer you! 🙂

Ok let’s start.








=508= Words of Melancholy: Ache

Seeing a visual representation of something made me rather disheartened that I am like that.

Man, it isn’t cool. Taking care. Just seeing that kinda made me feel for the situation.

Was asked between people, it was just so simple for me. Man.

Distance does translate to walls. These walls are put up, with the word, “reserved.”

Hahaha, oh well, Kelvin. Stop this now. Look to God and be satisfied. Fulfil your promise to Him. Come on.

HAHAHA, I am still laughing at what I drew on the lantern! 😂

Ok! To another day! 🙂