=511= Reflections: Wisdom

Recently, I noticed that in many areas and people have been seeking me for wisdom. I don’t think I can give great wisdom—even though I joke that I do—however, somehow or another, people still come to me for some stuff.

I recall back when I was a young 15 year old Christian that just found my faith, I asked the Lord for wisdom. I admired Wisdom. I used to read Solomon and really admired how he asked for wisdom and God blessed him with even more. I admired how wise he was in handling the case of the two woman and one baby. The quality that I really wanted was wisdom.

Being that NA boy that is supposed to be stupid and have less of a future, to have grown up to this man that people likes and trusts, Lord, I give thanks for that.

Truly ignorance and a big mouth is a bad combination. Will talk more about it, but yeah, goodness, why would you even teach a photographer that obviously knows more than you how to shoot. -.-

Having wisdom to know something, doesn’t mean that I have the courage and perseverance to follow it through. Just look at Solomon’s life and see how he failed even with all the wisdom he has. Man, I am struggling so hard to follow wisdom. Head over heart has always been on my mind. It gets dangerous when the head starts listening to the heart and starts rationalising; thinking of outcomes that are desirable but not wise.

May I be the man that follows wisdom.


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