=514= Words of Joy: Encouraged

Man, thank you guys.

I really appreciated it.

Especially you, thank you for sharing so much. Really really. Thank you so much. You know who you are. No wonder you are who you are. 🙂 

My faith is strengthened and my heart is encouraged.

Lord, thank you.

Truly, in weakness your power is made perfect. 


Let’s all dive down deeper for God. Let’s dream together.


Going to start a one month fast of social media, except WordPress, WhatsApp and Telegram. So yeah guys, please keep me in check. See me online on FB? Call me to chase me out. Flip to YOUTUBE? Slap me in the face. Any free time now, shall be given to word or the practice of drums/mixing. No friends/HIMYM/Riverdale. You wanna watch something? No. Read a book instead. Ok.


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