=520= Word: Scattered Thoughts

I really like the word, “Stature.”

Stature means the literal height of a human or an animal. It can also mean the degree of development attained; the level of achievement.

“To think that I can talk to a man of his stature. Goodness, I am so honoured”

“I cannot believe that a man of his stature is doing this.”

On another note, I realised something about myself. I cannot stand facts that aren’t checked. Especially when like people make bold statements about something they claim to have known. Then only to say that they aren’t sure of the facts themselves. Call it a pet peeve I guess, it just tells me that you are ignorant but you think you know everything. Not being specific with what you know just makes me feel that you are trying to smoke me or trying to make me think that you are smart when you aren’t. That to me is just irritating.

I realised that certain questions that were asked may seem stupid and redundant at times, however, that is no reason to be rude or totally snub the person. Once again, it is another pet peeve of mine. People can use their mouths to speak. Sure it may have been answered, but doesn’t mean that it cannot be answered again. During a test, when you meet a question in the short answer section that is similar to the MCQ section, do you write, “it has been answered in the MCQ section, question 14?”

Of course not. You write it out in proper english.

Ok perhaps the situation isn’t that similar. Let me give you another one. When you are on the taxi and he asks you where you want to go, if he couldn’t hear you properly, he would ask you to repeat yourself, would you then just be rude and say, “I answered alr.”

Of course not. I mean isn’t the whole point to get people to understand you?

A question asked at the wrong time, is still an enquiry waiting to be answered. 

Why is there such a difference when a person talks one on one and when that person talks in a group? Does the Adredaline just increases so the amount of stuff just increases as well?

To be honest to myself, independence can quickly become a deterence once you stop depending altogether. Somehow, independence on the right things makes it very attractive. However, independence on stuff apart from that, man, isn’t attractive at all.

Somehow, people kinda yearn for one to one interactions. Like even in the group, there are stuff that I wouldn’t say at all. Hence came the use of notes to make conversation with only that person.

A joke used once is funny. A joke used a second time is alright. A joke used a third time is annoying. I may be a patient person, but stop making me repeat myself again, again and again.

How can a young man keep his walk pure? By following the word of the Lord. How can a young man follow the word of the Lord? By loving God. How can a young man love God? By encountering his presence and exploring more and more of his goodness each day. I need to start once again!

People have been complaining about my five word posts. I am sorry. HAHAH. There are reasons to why I write them. Point one is that this blog has way too many viewers. Back then when there were fewer, I could write explicitly with details here and there. However, with more people reading my blog, there are certain things I cannot say blatantly. It is just not wise.

Point two, it might just be for people I meant it for. Certain moments/appreciations are meant to be expressed and shared. However, some, due to the confidentiality of the issues, cannot be shared. Hence, some of the posts are meant for specific people.

Point Three, sure both points above addressed the ambiguity of the posts, so why even post them then? The reason is, I need an outlet to express my overwhelming thoughts. Of course, there are issues that I won’t even consider posting, because it involves someone’s pride or privacy. However, when it comes down to my own feelings, I am entitled to express them, however, not as freely as I want. So having five words would just help me express a tough situation to explain without breaking the confidentiality that we agreed upon.

So yeah, I hope you guys understand why I am having these five word posts. If you are REALLY close to me, you can go ahead and ask me about them, but if not, I hope you don’t feel offended that I tell you that I cannot share. Thank you for understanding.

Langkawi has been fun. Played so many things that I have never tried. Fear of heights have been overcomed in work without me even realising it. HAHA! Honestly, my line of work seems to be more dangerous. So as a result, without me noticing, I am no longer as scared of heights as I was before. Ropes crossing/plank crossing/zip line/ etc etc, things I never dared to do as a primary/secondary school kid have been done. So that is why Skytrek remains as something special in my heart.

Time with friends are just so precious. Man, love hanging out with them.

Ok, now to prepare for some time with the Lord.