=522= Words of Melancholy: Demands

I realised something about myself. Somehow or another, after graduation, I learned how to be direct and care less about other people’s feelings. Somehow, my greatest fear a few months ago, how people look at me, somehow disappeared. It may seem like a bad thing, but honestly, you don’t know how much I held back because I was scared of people’s opinions. Therefore, it is a great thing! Something that once paralysed me isn’t there anymore.

Ok let’s get down to business to what this post is about.

One thing that irritates me; demanding people that don’t even try. Goodness. I don’t understand. When something isn’t spoon fed to you, I am sure with your intelligence, you will be able to at least figure it out IF YOU TRY. Goodness, you come in and you complain that something isn’t given to you. Goodness. Then kept irritating me when I am busy. Excuse you, do your part, I will do mine in due time, don’t irritate me when I am trying to do something.

Another thing that irritates me; demanding people that has no sense of manners and would only disturb other busy people and after you disturb them, you don’t thank them, enough. Why in the world are you so caught up in trying to get every single technical aspect correct? What the crap, if you cannot get it, move on. What is the point of wallowing at it and making the whole world to stop to solve your problems?

Yet another thing that irritates me; ignorant people with a mouth. Well, let’s just say if my job was to deliver dessert to you. Whatever I bring to you is still desert. Whether is it a hot dessert or a cold one. Whether it has a cherry on top or not. Just because i delivered a hot dessert to you and not an ice cream sundae, doesn’t make it any less a dessert. It was just very insulting because you have no idea what you are saying. Goodness, just because you cannot see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Just because you cannot hear something, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Nevertheless, today was still a great day. I learned SOOO much from Robin. Goodness. There is still SOOO much to learn in the world of audio.

Man. Still a long way to go.

Today, best lesson learned, since we are in a studio situation, always bring in a reference track. A song that is similar in genre or a song that you want to master to sound like. If you have that song, you can mix with that reference so that you know how a commercial sounding sound track should sound like.

Let me learn and glean. May I just be able to fulfil the dateline.

Thank you God! 🙂