=527= Reflections: Michael Jackson

Reason being, yesterday, I saw this like Chinese Michael Jackson album! 😂 kinda feel a bit Chiong. Anyways it was $8 for like 38 Micahel Jackson songs? So I just decided to buy it.

I just started listening to it this morning! HAHAHA! Very nice! Don’t know why I only started now! 😂

MJ isn’t called the King of Pop for nothing.

From the older Jackson 5 songs, stereo mixing was already in place. Not the most ideal mixing, but probably really decent for that time! The separation of frequencies are really nice. Harmonies and all just 👍🏿!

This 38 songs will be for my study for the next few days! 🙂

I also bought a movie so that I can watch it and tell someone I liked/disliked it in May.

Another thing happened. I realised I am slowly slowly coming to dislike live sound a bit. I guess a designer/perfectionist mindset? I am in the pursuit of perfection. However, for mixing/mastering, it needs time and a lot of trial and error. For live sound, though perhaps more forgiving, gives very little room for perfection. I am always limited by time. Learning how to direct them to get the best sound ever also takes time.

Haha, Kelvin, please stop being brash.