=523= Words of Melancholy: Milk Tea with Blue Straw

You know it is passion when you know that if you continue you might miss another chance and you continue anyway.

You know it is foolish when one waits close to an hour without knowing what might happen but still does it anyway.

Spending time doing something when you do not know whether there will be any return may seem like a waste of time. In fact, it could be. However, I still want to do it. Such foolishness.

The Milk Tea with a Blue Straw is just getting warmer and warmer. Condensation forms on the plastic bag. A window with a lit room. The pavement’s ledge seem like the only feasible entertainment as you don’t want to miss the chance. However, you have already missed it.

The melancholy in my heart pours. I just wonder why.

Father, may I look upon you once again. Allow me to come back and worship you once again.