=526= Thanksgiving: Grace Media

I cannot stress this enough, I love working here. Man, goodness.

Ok, let’s just say my day started horribly. Something happened in the morning, not only that, my scooter got stolen. -sigh-

It is just really sad. Do you know how much sentimental value that thing has to me?

The thing about my scooter is that it was something I never had for years. I never could cycle or scoot or anything for years until last year. It was really difficult. Whenever someone wants to go for night cycling, I couldn’t. It really sucks.

When I finally could scoot and cycle. Man. Goodness. You can only imagine my delight. Losing my scooter is just -sigh-. I know I can buy it again, but yeah lah, I am just sad.

I am honestly so thankful for this team.

I am really inexperienced. The things I am good at are skewed and it is really hard to support them. Of course, I had my problems and my moments of “AH CRAP.” However, they are still so understanding and accommodating. I really love my bosses. Great at what they do, stern but gentle. I really do admire them.

I did my first audio post. Did crap, Robin was still so patient with me.

Did my first audio boom sound. Screwed up and couldn’t find a cable. Still patient with me.

Always encouraging me and supporting me. I am once again reminded of my first internship. Man. The amount of grace they shown me, I am SOO grateful.

Father, help me to help them. I want to support them so badly.

Though I am so tired from the 12 hours work day, my heart is so full.

Father, thank you so much for them. Please bless them.

Father, thank you for your favour. May I learn how to look to you always.

Thank you Lord!




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