=529= Word: Induced Passion

Started to teach M and J how to play drums. HAHA. Man, I realised how far I have progressed in my drumming.

From the small boy that couldn’t play a single stroke roll properly to a guy that is spotting mistakes and teaching.

It is fantastic. I love having room to teach music and the beautiful art of drumming. I explained dynamics, tuning, note values, time signatures etc etc.

It is just nice to have the time to impart.

You know, how someone catches the passion for something, is from someone passionate. For me, I caught it from my teachers and my boss. The passion for the art. The excitement when something is nice. I don’t know, there is this amazement and wonder.

I often think about how induced passion affects one. The funny thing about this is that, you find yourself changing. I have a good friend that loves the environment and animals, I caught on some of that passion, I listen to her speak and I actually remember some of the facts that she tells me. I don’t particularly fancy mainstream music, but I do try to understand her love for it, I laugh at her love for it though. HAHA. 

The line is hard to draw. Where do I stop talking about my passion, when will it start to be annoying instead of endearing?

When does passion no longer induce any passion in other people?

There are times in your life, you sit and you wonder, man, it must have been tough for that person. To wait and wait and wait. Until the person notices a man running from the gate to cross the road.

Man, why is waiting for something without garantee so hard? Your heart get so disheartened and you grow depressed.

Haha, I guess this a good time to ask, “does distance really make the heart fonder?”


Man, Lord, how I must have broken your heart.

To wait for me even without my garantee. To pour so much into my life without even asking much back. All you want is my heart.

Father, how I must have hurt you. For me to not have passion for what you do. Father, I am sorry. Please forgive me. Lord, will you please help me?

The heart is deceitful and full of lies. Lord, how can I continue?

With your guidance and leading.

Lord, how can I do that? You seem so far, you seem unreal in those times.

By having faith.

How can I have faith?

By witnessing my works all around you. By witnessing my hand in my word. By witnessing my blessings in your life.

By witnessing.

Father, help me.

I don’t want to be the man in my nightmare. I don’t want to be a man that isn’t wise and cannot tell from right and wrong. I don’t want to be a man that is popular with the world but is empty inside. Truly, if there was a time that I have been filling up the void with the things of the world, it will be now. Lord, it is just so hard to follow you.

Father, you have been so patient with me and I am so thankful.

I know I would disobey everytime. I would invite myself into your presence and invite myself out as if it was a shop. Father, help me to have reverence for your presence. May I not be someone that comes into your presence and not see it as important.

Though you may be shaking your head everytime I make a stupid decision, Lord, please be patient with me. Lord, may I be like Job, when trials and tribulation came upon him, he went through the wile process and remained righteous. Father, please help.

Father, I can not believe how much favour you are giving me. Father, you still speak to me when I am disobeying you. Lord, thank you so much Lord. Father, please rebuke me of my sins. Lord, stay with me.

Really thank you Lord. 




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