=531= Stories To Tell: Right Fit

“Boss, why did you hire Alan Heng even after his three horrible interviews?” Asked Zane.

“Excuse you, HAHA! I didn’t hire him, I put him on probation.” Answered the boss. “I decided to do that because from what I saw in him, he is an honest man. That is what I want!”

“An honest man? What do you mean?”

“Can you remember his first interview? We asked him if he applied for any other companies. Not only did he say yes, he told us each an every single company that he applied for.”

“Yeah, I thought that it was good, but that doesn’t mean he is an honest man!”

“Then came the second interview, we made it hard for him by asking him what are some of the flaws of our company. Man, did he go on and on and on!”

“Ok, so he is well read, he still isn’t honest ah!”

“Haha, the thing was that, our dear big boss actually cut him off when he was going on. The thing is that, when someone is putting in so much detail and effort into saying all the flaws, he isn’t hung up on them, in fact, he has already accepted them and is willing to work in spite of them.”

“So he is accepting, still doesn’t make him honest!”

“HAHAHA, wait Zane, wait and listen to me, don’t interrupt me just yet. The thing is that, many people want quick answers. Many people want to the point clear answers. For me? I want the truth. I want it as a hold so that I know how to make a decision.”

“Oh… Ok”

“That leads me to the last interview, we decided to ask him about his work history. He didn’t sugar coat anything at all! He told us that he was fired because he made a huge mistake in his previous company. He told us that he tried his best, but his colleague had sabotaged his project and he ended up making that horrible mistake that made him fired. I understand politics, but yeah, he didn’t have to tell us so much in detail you see.”

“So ok, sure, he is honest about his past, but how come you are so sure he will work? Man, aren’t you afraid that his work history mistake will happen again?”

“That is the thing! I am not sure! HAHAH! I am a bit hesitant at first, but that was why I asked for the interviews to know him better. After all of the interviews, I decided to put him in probation, just to let me see if he could work out. I am sure he will have flaws, but we are not a perfect company, so why are we trying to hire the perfect employee?”

“Mm hmm”

“Yup, this 6 months probation will let me see much more clearly. I mean, how can we judge a worker’s worth by his qualifications and his ability to package himself? I rather let him work for me for 6 months, let me observe him and see if he is capable. This way, I will be able to see the way he is beyond all fronts. I want to see the real him.”

“Well, I still don’t think he will be a right fit to the company, why not this guy, Trevor Chee?”

“Hahaha, hmm, his ability to bullshit is incredible!”


“AHAHAHA, Okok! That was too mean! I was joking! I agree that his English and interview statements were all pretty good. However, I find that he always say very superficial kind of statements. There seemed to be a lack of depth. His words seem to lack substance.”

“Huh? Really meh?”

“Yes Zane, yes. HAHA! I have been observing people for quite a while you see, I worked in this company for eight years already. I have seen all kinds of people. However, that is just my gut feeling. Not that gut feelings are bad, it is just once again logic once again. I don’t like how first impressions in an interview works, so I have decided to give him a chance for probation as well! I just haven’t done up the proper paper work!”

“Haha, boss, why did you hire me?”

“Oh? You want to know now? HAHA”

“Erm… Yeah! Why not? Let me hear it!”

“Hmm, I don’t remember much, but you struck me as someone that is really capable, but you don’t seem to have much confidence.”

“What, really?”

“Yeah, HAHA, you were so self depriciating man! HAHA! We asked if you thought you were the best choice and you answered that the best choice will be your classmate.”


“So yeah, I hired you because I felt that you were the best for the job.”

“Am I though?”

“There it goes again! HAHA! Yes you are! Haven’t the past three years in the company proven that my eye for you isn’t wrong?”

Zane paused and stayed silent.

“HAHA, very often, I see the person’s heart and effort rather than the person’s capability! You work harder than anyone in this company. You are the best person to do this job, because I chose you to do this job!”

“Hmm ok”

“And that is why, when others like Alan Heng comes in for an interview, remember your roots! Remember that you were once in their position. Don’t judge so quickly. In fact, don’t judge after the interview. The interview are only for first impressions and to learn who they are. It is only after working with them for months that you will really see flaws. If these flaws are ok; able to get by, then great, if not, then too bad, the fit isn’t great and we may or may not have to fire you”


“HAHAH, I mean, it is actually better for you you see! I really don’t want to see someone not being able to progress when it just isn’t the right fit”



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