=534= Word: Angst

Someone told me my blog very angst! Too bad! Suck it up! 😂 AHAHAHA I am kidding luhh! Thank you for caring! 🙂 

HAHAHA! Anyways, I just kinda bought my new snare! 😀

Still thinking of a name, I actually alr have a name, Parn, from suddenly 20, but my new snare being a Singaporean made snare, I want to give it a Singaporean name! Open to suggestions!

Anyways, for those interested, these are the specs!

Thin shell
13 x 5.75
Natural finish
Top double 45 bearing edge
Bottom 45 bearing edge
Tear drop lugs (staggered)
Triple flange hoops
DW throw off and 3 position butt plate
Canopus Vintage Dry snare wires

13×5.75 because Benny Greb

Birch because I am a SE and I love that it has increased presence!

Thin shell because I love that full tone!

Natural finish because it just looks great! 

Having a double 45 just so that I can fit more heads. 

A 45 cut for ultimate sensitivity!

Tear drop lugs to look great

Staggered some more!

Triple flanged hoops to control but not choke the tone.

DW throw off and 3 position butt plate for ultimate versatility!

Canopus vintage dry just for that dry tone Lor! Hehe!

Cannot wait!

Pretty pricey too!

Hopefully I will get something that will be an engineer’s joy!

Ok! Cool stuff! 🙂


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