=535= Reflections: 深深爱你耶稣

Something interesting has been going on with my life now.

Recently, as a result of working in church, I have been requested to play for staff devotions. I have played for three sessions alr and I see no sign of stopping AHAHAHAH! I am not complaining of course! I enjoy playing and worshiping God.

In some ways, worshipping God on stage has kept me going in my walk. Somehow on stage, when you are worshipping God, there seems to be this honesty and truth. I really cannot lie on stage. There is this, with a lack of a better word, surgery. It seems like when I come to worship God on stage and God opens me up and bares my soul. There is this soul baring in worship and I come before God raw again.

I never understood why God had told me that he would lead me there. It still frightens me sometimes. There is such a high position with such high responsibilities. The Kelvin today still cannot perceive the day when God will lead me there.

Today’s set is a bit special to me. This was the set that I actually prepared for the vocals. I have sang while playing drums/Cajon on several occasions alr. However, most of them are just sets when like I was told to sing on the day itself or I was told to sing, but the songs were actually farmiliar.

Today’s set, we sang a translated Indonesian song! :O The singing, choice of words and rhythm are all very strange! It isn’t a standard English worship song when like melodies are easy to remember and word rhythms are rather standard. This song, “Deeper in love” the City Harvest version, had pauses and holds where you normally don’t expect it. It was quite a different way of singing. Like I had to note down all the strange pauses and the strange melodies that seem to go up and down like no one’s business.

Not only that, I had to sing in the song in Chinese too. :O For people that don’t know, my Chinese, is just horrendous. ._. I love Chinese songs though. My favourite band is 五月天. I really enjoy Singapore’s Xinyao. JJ Lin is amazing. However, when it comes to me singing the Chinese songs myself, I can tell you, it was horribly trying for me.

I heard the Chinese version several times, played the same part over and over to hear the right rhythm to sing it. Then after that, I went one step further, I actually translated the individual words. Just to make sure that I know what I was singing. HAHA!

Next, this is the first time, I tried to really hear what I was singing during prep. I actually put a hand in front of my mouth to hear my own voice. 

Being my SE self, I started pin pointing the problems with my own voice. My voice, at least the way I am singing now, is nasal and lack body. I am often flat/sharp too. So like I tried to solve things at the source. So I practiced things like really sticking my mouth super close to the microphone and watching where I breathe in. It actually helped a lot to note where to breathe!

This was actually quite a good exercise, because this song seemed like the kind of song that breathes and takes its own time. The pauses. The holds. Everything seemed like a breath of air. It was nice! HAHA! Slowly, I managed to catch the tune. 

Overall, I thought that it was a nice set. I still need to learn when to come in and when not to. How to be musical with my voice. It is hard, but I am honestly intrigued with this new singing challenge. HAHA!

Honestly, I don’t think that my drumming is that great now. Definitely off form. I need A TON of practice. I need to touch drums and practice man. Now my new project for drums is to come up with better fills and steadier time keeping.

Come on Kelvin! Work harder as a Musician! 🙂

Just bought a Young and Free album, I am honestly not that affected by the EDM that people were making such a big fuss about. It is nice! HAHA! I mean. I think that the sound of music has changed. The sound of Let There Be Light is vaguely familiar to the Young And Free sound. The songs aren’t that EDM-ish either! HAHA!

Still working on how to come out with a kick sound that I am happy with. I am coming pretty close with my new mix for the song. Hilariously, it was due to a mistake that I discovered this sound. I always add a drum sub group whenever mixing the drums. So I wold be able to compress the drums as a whole. However, without me realising that I compressed too much. The sound I gotten was too mellow and no matter how much I pushed, even if the signal clips, the sound isn’t (as my boss would say) feirce enough.

I tried quite a bit. Increasing the clip gain, adding more direct to the pro sub plugin, etc etc. <The thing is that, if you up the gain before compression, you are actually adding more compression to your channel as the threshold will stay the same while your volume goes up. Somehow, I managed to get a pretty decent sound after adding the RBass plugin instead of the Pro-sub. It was only much later that I realised my mistake. Then, wow, the kick was so fierce! 😂

Cool stuff! 🙂

Looking forward to dinner! 😁



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