=539= Words of Melancholy: Inplications

Today is one of those days when you just want to hide from people. I just want a day to sleep and not meet anyone.

Talk to people that I am not close to perhaps. Somehow, sometimes, talking to someone that isn’t close feels kinda good.

Not that I am running away from my close friends. It is just, I need a break, I don’t want to think about certain things. It is nice to get to know someone better too.

Just feel really really not experienced and made some bad decisions. Bad decisions. -sigh- I don’t know, every thing I do just seems to have a bad implication. I don’t know. Is being a guy that has went through much and decided to not care about certain things just bad? I don’t know. I just love a certain way. I work a certain way. I am a perfectionist and always push myself to the next level. What is so bad about that?

I hate that whatever I do has a implication. “A missed moment” was decribed. Lord, have I really not given attention to the moments of God? I have no idea. Lord, help me. I need you.

Support me Father.

Thank you Lord.

I just want rest. Father, please give me rest.




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