=542= Reflections: Cool

Ok let me reflect on something before I prepare for set.

Began watching Freaks and Geeks. Man I love the show! So much to admire about it!

First the format. I love how each episode has it’s very subtle and nice conclusion. From dancing to calling the cops to serving trick or treat, everything was just nice and heartfelt. I mean, at least from the first three episodes I watched!

Then, the overall message of being accepted and bullied. Being cool.

It just got me thinking. What is “cool?” The show has a stereotypical white girl Christian, Millie. Well, for everyone else, she is the least cool person. People find her a prude. However, are you telling me the blonde girl Kim is the cool one? No way man.

What is cool?

I think someone that gets excited and passionate when he speaks about something is very cool.

I find someone that is certain about Christian values and yet isn’t narrow minded someone very cool.

I find someone that can do something that not many people can very cool.

What is cool? 

I think I am pretty cool! 😎AHAHAH



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