=546= Reflections: Drum Community 

Recently, I started this weekly drum lessons thing. I started teaching two people and today, we had two new additions to the group.

Quite exciting!

I actually dreamt about this before. I remembered that when I was Sec 1, when I wanted to learn an instrument but didn’t. When I started playing and started to play for service, I wanted to teach. Hence I initiated a drum crash course. After the drum crash course, I actually had several students. One of which is a non-Christian, which got it vey fast.

However, with the progress of the year and the increase of work load and responsibilities, I just couldn’t handle teaching drums. Those 3-4 students I once had were all left hanging.

This year, we had no drum sign ups. Hence we had to teach from a scratch. I was actually pretty psyched about this! Still am!

However, based on experience, if I publicise on a social media or over the pulpit, the response will be overwhelming. Hence, I decided to go simple and found people personally through the leaders that are close to me.

I ended up with two boys and two girls. HAHA! Cool stuff.

M reminded me of myself. Someone that had absolutely no experience in drums or music trying something like this is extremely trying for me. I pray that he will continue to practice and get better.

J reminded me of J. Someone that is pretty talented and has a flair for this kinda stuff. He actually catches music stuff REALLY fast. He probably needs competition. AHAHAH! Which I think with the two girls now, it will happen! 

J reminded me of HS’s friend. Almost a dejavu, once again, a non-christian friend of a female student came and is catching this on REALLY fast! HAHA!

J reminded me of S. I think since the day I met her I guess. HAHA! Dunno, got certain flair one. AHAHAH!

I enjoy teaching them. I enjoy seeing them push each other. I love sharing stories and music with them. Well, I pray that in this short one month I have with them that we will grow closer and we will eventually be like family.

Isn’t it wonderful? To have family members that are interested in the same things?

Would love to have a meal with all of them! 🙂

Lord, raise them Lord! 


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