=547= Reflections: Grow Up

Haha, this is a rare post.

On the way back home, while entering the lift lobby, I heard a smack and a little girl screaming, “MA MAAAA!” 

I heard whimpering and I saw this girl on the floor, with a younger girl beside her, with a plate of what seemed like coloured dyes on a paper plate. I soon realised what happened when I walked in closer. That wasn’t a paper plate with coloured dyes, it was a tray to hold beads. The little girl slipped, fell and spilled beads all over the floor. The Mother of the two girls looking busy on her phone walked towards them and got annoyed. Reprimanded the girl for not being careful. She then stooped down to help pick up beads.

I just came back from my grandma’s and had a tingkat of food in my hands. I just decided that it will be nice to help lah. The beads were really small. Not like it would take up too much time too.

The girl then expressed her regret for wearing slippers. Her little Sister was just not helping by saying that she told her not to. The Mother scolded her again for not being careful. Now the little girl changed her tone and volume, “IT WAS NOT MY FAULT!” Then almost instantly she changed her tone again and said, “oh I know why I fell, there was a bead stuck under my shoe!”

The Mother thanked me everytime I put beads into the tray. She seemed to be I dunno, some exotic Eurasian. Haha, they spoke this rather interesting dialect that I don’t understand a bit of. 

She sent the two little girls back home in the lift. While she herself stayed in the lobby with her Son, this small boy, to pick up more beads.

In the lift, the girl looked that the tray of beads and cried. In an attempt to comfort her, I told her that the beads can be fixed. She then said, “My Friend worked very hard on it….” The sobs drowned the remaining lines. 

Not knowing what to do, I simply used my hands to touch her left arm comforting her. Her little Sister then tried to comfort her too, telling her it is alright.

I don’t understand why, but my heart was a bit full after this incident. There is just this thing about a child’s innocence that makes me heartened.

My first thought about this incident was that man, this kid is so young. HAHA, I pray that you grow up and you will save your tears for more important things.

However, I was also reminded of how small her world is and how this little gift from her friend must  mean the world to her. To the point of crying for something that she owned but spoiled because of an accident. The pure innocence of guilt over wasting a friend’s hard work. Man. How I wish I had that. HAHA. Not that I want to cry everytime I make a mistake, but how much she treasured something like that, man, I do take a lot of things for granted. May I treasure what I have no matter how insignifant it may be.

Another thought was the mother’s irritation. I don’t know. I cannot judge the Mother, but honestly, she wasn’t that bad, she was still very gentle. However, people who know me, know that I think that anger should be saved for more important things too. Being angry at a kid that slipped and fell isn’t helping. I think that what gets you angry is something that will eventually be ingrained into your children’s lives too. Instead of getting angry over minor accidents and slip ups. I think if I ever get the chance in the future, I will teach my kid to think of contingency plans. To accept what is wrong and work with it. Work with what you have, be creative! If something is spoiled, I would love to teach my kid that something that is spoiled can be fixed. I would love to teach my kid to learn that a fall is just a fall. Stand up and move on. Learn what is important and what isn’t, learn what is dire and what isn’t.

Of course, I wouldn’t know, having to face your kid everyday will obviously be different from an outsider. I would love to do this, but I might not even have the capacity myself to do it.

Well, yeah, let us all grow up! 🙂 


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