=549= Thanksgiving: Encouraged

Well, today I got really encouraged.

First of all, I managed to spend some time to teach JK the visuals system. It took me 30 minutes, to help him. JK was proactive at learning too. Yeah, I will need time to train ah! Really going to request for something to be put in place.

Next, worship encounter was such an incredible experience. First time playing stand up drums with a seat and putting cloths on the drums to dampen the drums. It felt like the drums just exploded with new ideas and sounds! Without the towels, it seemed like whatever I hit will be loud. So it kinda limited me to the different sounds. Today however, with the cloths on the drums, it opened up a whole new outlet of sounds to experiment with. Man was it exciting! πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΏ

I started hitting the snare without wires. Kinda like a dry djembe without any resonant tone! πŸ™‚ it gave like a dry djembe drum loop kinda sound. It was just fun to play around with! 

Then the addition of mallets and brushes expanded the variety of sounds even more! Just very nice! πŸ™‚

Then the worship encounter message. Man. That was good. I was tearing up when they did Teh sim cloth thingy then they flipped. Having planned such stuff before, I already knew where it was going, but you know, sometimes the spirit just stirs when you are once again reminded of his great love for you. 

Then, Sheila and her Friend Joel came in to use the hall for recording. Well, being who I am, I decided to help. HAHA. I mean, I actually learned all these kinda stuff before. So I started to understand the whole situation. How many instruments? How are they doing it? Just the track out from the thumb drive?

So the whole recording was Cajon, Guitar and vocal. So after learning from Kim Lau for that one Month. Man. I started my recording engineer mode. Instead of recording through a DI. I brought the SM81 from bethel to mic the guitar. It was just nicer you know. HAHA!

I found that having a condenser mic just can give that nicer tone for a guitar. Through DI just sounds horrible. Very often we find ourselves stuck with a sound that is too springy that it almost sounds like it comes from an electric guitar. Not a nice sounding electric guitar but a cheap and broken one. It sounds that bad. Recently, been helping the guitarist set his guitar pickup settings. Quite cool! HAHA! There are functions like notch and mic blend. No idea what they are, but they do affect the tone quite a bit so I needa work with it.

Did quite a bit of compressing. Well, the CL3 has like premium compressors right, so I used the LA2A on the vocals and the whole ST LR, just to give that squashing.

Now that everything is over, I reflected and thought about it. I have kinda like a good idea how to do a proper recording in Emmaus next time with the sound board.

First, all musicians must go on avioms. I will off the amp for all the speakers in Emmaus to prevent feedback. Then I will monitor everything through headphones. See the RTA and add in a multiband compressor into the ST LR then you can control dynamics for 4 seperate frequency bands. Then, add in a compressor like the LA2A to compress and maximise the whole track. This should kinda imitate the mastering process.

Then since we had already plugged in the guitar to the DI, let’s not waste that in the future. Use the DI signal for guitar reverb! Not only will it be nicer cause it will be springer, it will also have less leakage!

The sad thing is that the file that we will be getting is MP3. A compressed file. If only we can get a WAV file, it will be worth it to do this kinda thing once in a while you know. A one take recording. Kinda like the old tape record days. That will be exciting.

Then after teaching Javier how to do the recording. I went down to set up for the graduation service. Played with the new trainee band! HAHA! Proud of them ah! Sure it wasn’t perfect, but man, you should have heard them at the first session I had with them! They improved VASTLY! Cannot wait to see them progress in their Musicianship and step up soon! πŸ™‚

Then had a rather nice meeting with the CAMY EXCO. I kinda found my place? HAHA! I remembered feeing quite out of place in this team, but the previous meeting and today, I dunno, something switched? It was rather nice! πŸ™‚ HAHA!

After today, I dunno, I feel kinda encouraged by ministry. Been feeling a bit tired and dread ah, but after today it felt nice! πŸ™‚

Thank you God for all these blessings you have poured my way! πŸ™‚

Bless the Lord O my soul!



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