=550= Word: FiveFity

Haha the title is just for someone that is reading, you know who you are!

Today was rather sentimental for me.

I went to my grandma’s place for dinner once again. Man, was I late. Anyways, my grandmother was just such a delight; she was still so understanding. Haha, she then drew the last portion of soup for me to drink. There were no more ingredients in the soup and it was only left with the stock. After pouring a bit more in my bowl, she went on to drink the last bit herself.

Just makes me smile when she acts like such a typical singaporean sometimes! HAHA!

Then I noticed the goji berries in my soup. Well guys, in case you guys haven’t known this yet, I don’t really like goji berries. HAHA. I remember that as a secondary school kid I would go to my grandma’s place for dinner and I would drink soup with goji berries in them and absolutely loathe it. It just has that unnatural sweet taste—ironic because it is natural, but well, dried—then it just ewww. I recall ever taking out every single berry and putting it out of the bowl.

Well, today, I am way more tolerant and appreciative of my grandma’s cooking. I drink the soup after a long long of day and I am so grateful that I have food waiting for me. I drink soup with goji berries and I give thanks that my grandma cares for my health. Man, I really don’t appreciate my grandma enough… 😦

Man, as a kid I was way too picky! My grandparents cooks the nicest things, but you know, they cook weird stuff too. Like bitter veggie that is even more bitter than bittergourd or like funky soup that I will have such a hard time swallowing. 

My grandpa really dotes on me. Every single time he scoops rice for me, he will always scoop a certain amount, then I will always say less. Then he puts back a bit of rice. Then I will say less again, he puts back a little more back. Then I will say it one more time and he would shake his head and refuses to put back more rice. HAHA.

My entire family loves my grandparent’s homemade shallot. Everytime my grandpa scoops soup for me, he would put shallots on for me when the soup tastes better with it. Like Beancurd skin soup, egg with vermicelli and mixed pork soup, fishball soup. Certain soups just does go well with shallots, like bittergourd soup, lotus roots. Man, I realised I learned a lot about food from my grandparents! AHAHA! 🙂

Anyways, back to the soup. He would always put shallot on for me. So I will take my bowl of rice and soup and bring it to the dishes table. After taking the dishes I need, I would always finish my shallots. My grandpa seeing this will always laugh, then he would take my bowl of soup and give me more shallots. AHAHA.

Man, my granddad loves me so much. You know, whenever I walk home from my grandparents place, he would stand at the opening near the rubbish chute to wave goodbye to me as I walk home. It was just his simple act to make sure I walk home safe. Keeps him at ease I guess.

Man, I really do miss him. When he passed away when I was in secondary school, it did not hit me as hard as it should. I think I dunno, I wasn’t as attached? Which was sad because my grandpa really does love me. 😦

The second photo above is yet another memory. When I entered secondary school and gotten a bit older. I would go home first and only go to my grandparents place for dinner. Sometimes, being to the clumsy guy I am, I would forget to bring my keys. Then, I would go over to my grandparents place, knock on their door to ask for their copy of my house keys. They would laugh at me and then walk off to the ancestors altar to retrieve the keys to pass it on to me.

These little things that you just take for granted when you were young. -sigh-

Today, I actually left my keys at work. HAHAHA. Immediately, I remembered that my grandma has that copy. I went to have dinner before requesting for her copy. She owns many different house keys from all her children, so she couldn’t remember which one was my house key. However, once I saw that familiar keychain that I haven’t seen for years, man, did it make me sentimental.

Then, while consulting the doctor today. I saw this elderly man. The pharmicist called for his name and it took him a while to get on his feet and slowly walked to the counter to let the pharmicist brief him on the medicine. The pharmicist question why didn’t his children accompany him and he answered that they haven’t reach home yet. The pharmicist mentioned that he had a very high fever.

After everything, he went off. He probably took 30-45 seconds to walk from the counter to the glass door, which was at most 3 metres away. Then another 20-30 seconds to get down from that one short step of the clinic.

My thought was just, man, age is scary. HAHA! For someone like me, where playing drums, being fast to react in productions and like finding joy in running and swimming, it will be absolutely horrible for me to not be able to do those things because my age simply doesn’t allow me to. 

Then, it was my turn to get consultation with the doctor. 

I took my medicine and left the clinic. Man, you won’t believe it, after consultation, waiting for my medicine, briefing from the pharmicist and settle admin matters, I walked out and I still see the elderly man struggling to get back home. He probably only progressed at most 10 metres.

It just pains me.

His stride was shorter than half his foot and it was so slow. Man. It took me no effort at all to overtake him, man, I just cannot imagine myself in his shoes. So weak that he will have to struggle to leave the house to go down to the clinic below my block.

I cannot imagine my grandma like that. Man. Please pray for my grandma that she will be saved alright? 😦

The medicine is kicking in already. So yeah. Getting drowsy.

So yeah, gonna do lots of drum tuning Tmr! 🙂

So yeah lah! Let me rest now!