=551= Reflections: Nerves

It has been a while since I have been so scared to play on stage. HAHA. My hands were literally shaking when I was playing.

It was just that the pastor that taught me even before I started playing in church is leading. His ears were ever so incredible.

With his presence there, man, you can see him guiding the band so well.

I just look on with admiration and desire. When can I ever be like Pastor L? I want to be good on my instrument. I want to lead and guide a band as well as he does it. Man.

I wasn’t very happy with the set, to be honest. I just don’t think this is the best. -sigh- oh well.

Man, do I want to learn from Pastor L man.

Music is such a fantastic thing. I just wish and hope that I will be able to grow into more of a band leader.

Blown away.

Ok, now let’s head down.