=553= Reflections: Retreat 2017

I guess I cannot get away with not reflecting upon retreat. So yeah, let’s just do it.

Many people asked me why am I in the YA but still part of a youth group during the retreat. I would then explain that I want to rest on this retreat.

It isn’t that I don’t have a burden for the youths—I love the youths—I just wanted to take some time out to recharge and actually receive for a change.

When pastor Doug talked about how he has been pouring out for years and had no self care. I could actually relate. Not that I poured out as much as pastor Doug, but indeed years of pouring and close to none self care has caught up to me.

The funny thing was that even after getting permission from Bro Ken, Daniel and I went down to meet the group anyway. Once we were there, the group leader instincts took over and we found ourselves sticking to the group.

As a joke, I would whine to Daniel, Elsa and Tiff that “we are stuck!” Then “blame” it on EnMing, saying, “What have you done? Making us go down for briefing and now we are stuck!”

Please know that it was all jokes ok! AHAHA! I really rather enjoyed myself in my group, Hillview. I made quite a few friends and managed to share my life with them. Making them laugh and all was just fun for me. Not to mention, I now have a Mei! 😂 Before this, I only have a few older sisters, now say hi to my first younger sibling. 😂

I think that both Daniel and I, have our hearts with the youth. So it was really rather hard for us to leave the youth side even though we wanted to try the YA side.

I was so concerned with what would happen if I left and gave no guidance to the new leader with little experience. I don’t know, I really got a bit angry when I saw the young 16 year old trying to handle the group all on her own with no assistance or guidance from someone more experienced.

Let’s just say I cannot stand bad attitude, and irresponsibility. I was rather apprehensive leaving the group like that because the attention was split and just couldn’t handle the group.

Nevertheless, because of how tired I got, I missed Singapore on the second day of retreat. I would rather do work. Of course, I do enjoy work very much. So thankful to be able to do what I like to do.

Hence, I just decided to go over to the YA side because, one, I was very tired. Two, the game wasn’t a very group game. So I just decided that it would be appropriate to go attend the workshops at that time.

To my surprise, the workshop that I attended—because I crashed the workshop that Claire was attending—was taught by Pastor T, last year’s youth speaker! Just very nice! 🙂 good to hear all the message again. Then, we went out to Mid Valley with Shaun and Keith. Was rather glad that I could go out so I jumped at the chance. Walked around, got our room quite a lot of snacks and bought Elsa bubble tea.

Then the next day, when I went out, I bought herbal tea for a few people and bought Gui Ling Gao for ourselves! 🙂 Also bought magnum for Miss Tan, but it melted by the time it got to her! So too bad, liquid ice cream for you.

I got rather mad when there were so little time to digest and swallow the word that Pastor Doug preached. I was so annoyed that the game was just so forced. I really wish for a fluid program structure. That one would plan/overplay games and activities, but when the spirit moves, the programmes will have the option of bypassing/pushing the programme aside so that the spirit can do its work.

I saw the scene again, it was like a war scene. We were all on the floor crying, but we have won the battle. I just wished we had more time to stay there and reflect.

One thing that really really made me happy was that I met my ex cell kid that backslided. Man, seeing him in the retreat just made me oh so happy. I didn’t even want to scold him, I was just that happy that he is back. Man. I invited him to my room, had some supper and snacks and played exploding kittens.

The funny thing was that I fell asleep before he left the room! Ahaha, but yeah, I was happy.

The next day, found out that Claire was sick. So I just brought my remaining one Gui Ling Gao for her and passed it to Emmy. Then I went out with my new cell. Had lunch with them, Miss Gao and Yi Xian. Was really nice. Got to know my cell people a lot more. Then we went to have magnum. Goodness. It was heavenly. SOOO good Sia. 😭

Just so fantastic.

Then bought like Herbal Tea, Gui Ling Gao, Gong Cha and Ribena for people.

Then Daniel and I made it just in time for the final scene of the life game. So I sat down and watched. Visually, it was really quite scary.

Really makes you think of eternity you know.

Another thing I that has been returning to me is legacy issue. HAHA! People seem to not understand what does legacy issue mean. Ok, nevermind, this is for another post.

The games were nice! Met this parent that was REALLY competitive. Like siao one. I dunno, I saw that and I was rather concerned. 

Retreat this time round was really more of a time of rest and discovery.

Really enjoyed spending time with people and resting.

Ok, thank you God! 🙂



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