=554= Reflections: Legacy Issue

2 years back, during my Video Technology module in school. The most patient teacher in Ngee Ann, Mr Loh Chin Fei, talked about analog signal vs digital signal and interlaced video signal vs progressive video signal.

The whole topic talked about why was interlaced video signal created and why it is still a standard today.

For those who don’t understand what interlaced video signal is, let me explain. Before the standard LCD TVs that we are so used to today, the old analog TV was the CRT TV, Cathode Ray Tube TV. 

How it works is that it is one point of light and it draws lines downwards to form a picture. However, the TV is unable to scan lines fast enough for the picture to form. So the solution was interlaced video signal. It will first scan the odd lines first(1,3,5,7) then it will scan the even lines. (2,4,6,8)

Anyone that has any interaction with video will know that there is a standard frame rate for video. 24 frames per second to trick the eye to think that it is a natural moving picture. In interlaced video signal, to replicate the same effect, it has to provide 48 fields per second for the picture to look natural.

Soon, LCD TV came into the market. LCD TVs works differently. It has a light in the TV and it has a LCD display to block light. Do you know those displays you have on calculators? Those are LCD screens. Hence, interlaced signal now becomes a problem because the LCD display does not flicker like a CRT and people can see the difference.

Hence, video signals went back to progressive. However, since that is the case, why are we still using interlaced video signal today?

Legacy issue.

You must understand, when progressive signal became popular, there were still many people with the old CRT TVs. To completely thrash interlaced signal altogether is impossible because there are people still using that format.

Just like now, there is a transistion from analog video signal to digital video signal. It is impossible to move from one format to another format without transition.

Just like how TV’s standard input nowadays is HDMI, so why should I put in three RCA inputs too?

Legacy Issue.

People have been using RCA inputs for so long, there is a need to put in a RCA input in case that the customers wants to use it.

There has been some heated discussions about how the terms “Eternal Death” and “Eternal Life” are inaccurate.

Their point is that your existence is still there living, but you are either in hell or heaven. I tried explaining legacy issue to them, but they just don’t seem to get it.

I guess, what you call death and what you call life is very important. A very simple analogy I like to give is the phrase, “生不如死.”

Literal translation is “death is more preferable than life in this situation. Would you call this kind of life, living?

If you definition of death is “to end your own existence.” Then I am sorry, there is no point for the word, “death” at all. I mean, if your soul lives on, then your existence lives on. There is no such thing as death if your definition of death is as such.

However, if you definition of life is, “to be with God.” Then your definition of death would be, “to be away from God.”

That makes things very different.

Sure if you want to REALLY accurate, Eternal “death” may not be a term that is accurate. Perhaps “eternal torment” will be more accurate. However, will you call “eternal torment” life?

I also bring in the issue that, they understand what each term means, but, what about those that aren’t educated? How do you explain “eternal torment” to them? People think too linearly if they think they can explain everything everytime. To coin the two concepts of eternal seperate on from God and eternal existence with God. The two terms, “Eternal Death” and “Eternal life” are adequate.

Perhaps soon this two terms may become outdated when more and more people get educated and wants to be VERY accurate with the words used. However, there are legacy issues that they will definitely meet. These two terms have been used so often through the years that people have already understood those concepts with the terms.

Honestly, instead of fighting over the terms used, come on. Understanding and knowing the meanings behind the terms are way more important. 

It is just a legacy issue that has a problem with the young. I just don’t think it is that big an issue. Whatever lah huh. Let’s not argue over something so trivial when the meaning behind the term is way more heavy. 



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