=555= Word: Overworked

Well, I think I can finally say, I am overworked and I am tired. These few days, man was just days of toil and I just got SOOO tired.

I am a chronic hard and over worker. Even my own parents think that I am crazy. Going back to work on my off day. Etc etc. Honestly, man, after all of this, I am really overworked and the consequences are catching up to me.

I was so tired when I knocked off from work that I just couldn’t keep my eyes open on the train.

Rest is a discipline, I really need to learn how to rest. -sigh- Kelvin let’s take care of yourself for a moment shall we?

Go to cell for community.

Practice drums.

Read a book.

Exercise when you get better from your cough.

Meet people to have a nice chat.

Come on Kelvin, stop killing yourself with what you want to do.



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