=562= Word: Last Weekend

Ok last weekend before going in and I must have broken my own personal record of doing the most things in two days.

Let me list it down what had happened:

    1. Went to G2 early to set up for the wedding.
    2. Had breakfast.
    3. First time liaising with them alone, thought that I did a pretty decent job! 🙂
    4. Went down to the luncheon early to play music.
    5. Then ate a nice buffet lunch.
    6. Watched 3/4 an episode of Freaks and Geeks.
    7. Set up for recording for my drum cover.
    8. Recorded and mixed my drum cover.
    9. Got Pris a drink.
    10. Rushed down to G1, in time for altar call.
    11. Prayed for one guy.
    12. Chat with Jerome.
    13. Gave my gifts.
    14. Had XO Beehoon for dinner
    15. Edited my drum cover
    16. Prepared for lesson
    17. Wrote card for Miss Tan
    18. Went to church.
    19. Taught Andre how to use an amp simulation effect plugin.
    20. Taught Jadon and talked to him.
    21. Taught my successors how to do stuff! 
    22. Had cell breakfast.
    23. Received wisdom from everyone.
    24. Service, Wah, first time need to do visuals, run service, attendance, offering and communion at the same time. Thank God for help.
    25. Taught lesson and treat them to snacks and drinks
    26. Received prayer and notes from people dear to me.
    27. Taught Jun Kang how to tune drums.
    28. Had lunch.
    29. Exco meeting. 
    30. Steamboat dinner tonight! 🙂

    Haha so little time left man. Not dreading, but I just want more time with people… 😦