=570= Reflections: Bad Mouth

Here someone reminded me of how a bad character reinforced with a bad mouth just results in a horrible result.

I see two very similar people. But one is just slightly more polite, immediately the person is more well liked.

I am also guilty of being rude to the person. This was because he seemed to think that we are that close to each other. Well to be honest, we are not. Not to people, never play physical games with someone that isn’t that close. Slowly get comfortable with the person first. Be practical. Not following this results in you being a nuisance.

High EQ People know when to say things. Don’t make mean offensive comments if you don’t mean it, if you don’t dare to say it in front of them. Don’t say it. Don’t say stuff when you are busy. Mind your own. Learn to be secure. There is no need to be in every single convo.