=579= Words of Melancholy:InterruptionĀ 

I am lying in bed, going to sleep soon and yet I feel a bit out of place.

Haha. I dunno, how can I be in place?

Well this interruption is a good one.

My heart is rather unsteady over an issue.

Really hope that things will work out.

Had some ideas, but all frozen until I can use them.

Timing is such an important thing.

May it click right on time when it does.

A bit determined to do stuff. Going to try very hard.

I wonder does silence mean awkwardness or does it simply mean I am comfortable with you?

I really enjoy what I can do now.

Father, will you take my hand and guide me?


=578= Thanksgiving: Treasures

God has prepared some treasure for me here, where I am.

One treasure was a rather funny one. I remembered one Emerege service, I stood in front for worship. I jumped so hard for God. At the end of service, there was this rather disgusting drops of sweat there. The leaders saw it and laughed. I cleaned it of course! 

Now, whenever I exercise and sweat drops to the parade square floor, I will remember the time when that happened and smile.

Rather simple treasure, but it was really something that reminded me of God’s goodness.

Thank you God for loving me and blessing me so much.