=580= Reflections: 12km

Literally just got back from the first 12km. I was blown away with how heavy the bag was ever since the 6km. It was so large that I had to jump up and down and lug it around just to put it on.

Today, I think my body finally got used to the bag. It no longer felt as heavy as before. I could carry the bag to a considerable distance without feeling pain on my shoulders.

This time round, the 12km was more fun and easy to get by than the 6 or 8. Several reasons to why.

1. This was at night. Having cooler weather was just more fun.

2. We walked a new route. I cannot stress how tiring it is to walk the same track 4 times. Boring. You see the same things and your moral gets dampened. With the new route, it was just nice. It helps of course with a dark path. 

3. We started singing songs. We started sing all kinds of songs. From recent pop songs to the pop songs that I grew up with. Man, the songs brought back some memories. Beautiful Girl, Grenade, The Lazy Song, I’m Yours just to name a few.

It was also an ego booster for me as I actually led quite a few songs. I zaoxia SOO many times I tell you. However, that was the thing. Everyone zaoxia and everyone still sang loud. It was REALLY fun.

Cannot wait to try this again. Haha. Considering that now the 16 and 24 are all going to be in the night. Fantastic.

We were supposed to reach back at 10.45. However, somehow or another, we reached around 9.45. HAHA. Proud of us.

Ok Lah, time to sleep. HAHA.

Miss quite a few friends. 😦