=581= Reflections: O Praise The Name

Of the Lord our God.

Somehow, in some crazy way, I got the fastest timing in the company for SOC.

I honestly think that it is some error. My time was 3:26. When SG JJ told me that I got the company’s best time I just went “HUH?”

You must understand me. I couldn’t clear the low wall or low ropes previously. This was actually my first time clearing all the obstacles at once together and my first time crossing the low ropes with my ILBV. I just what.

I saw the time and I am blown away. 

Definitely some error lah, how can it be that I am faster than my super fit bunk mates?

However, I was really emotional when I finally crossed the whole obstacle course. Once I touched the top of the low ropes, I simply laughed and ran. Once I finished, I was so happy to receive my finishing chip. 005. Was I proud to hold it. I just wanted to pass. 

When I went away to relieve myself. A deep emotion of grief overtaken me. God, you are really crazy faithful to me. Father, you blessed me with the ability to pass through it and I still strayed away from you. Father, will you receive me back please? Thank you so much Lord.

Without much thinking, I sang the farmilar song. 

Thank you Lord.

Today, when the news reached me. I was just blowned away. No way. Father, how in the world did I get the best timing? How did I even cross the whole obstacle course within 3:26? I only asked you for a pass for the wall and ropes, but God, why did I even get the best time? Father, your favour for me is really throwing me off.

Truly Lord, you are in control.

I receive this with thanksgiving. Thank you Lord.

O Praise the name of the Lord our God.

Please don’t look away from me Lord, please accept me into your courts again.

Thank you Father.