=601= Reflections: Physics SAT

It is a strange feeling. HAHA. After months of not taking a test test. I am sitting outside the test hall waiting to go into the hall. It is such an interesting thing to feel.

Leading up to this, I had to study with no other materials except the 35 online questions, of which, I highly suspect some of the questions/answers were wrong.

I am now outside, not feeling anxiousness, but excitement. HAHA! Let’s take my first test in months.

Man, got some thinking done. My sergeants told us to use our time in NS wisely, learn something, coding etc etc. I think after much thought, I want to learn another instrument, or two other instruments. I want to take tests on the side like this.

Taking tests while in NS just makes me seem so mature! HAHA! I feel good. HEHEH.

Oh well, let us just see what will unfold! 🙂