=602= Word: Recall

I cannot recall. Was I sitting on this seat? Or was I sitting on the other one?

I cannot recall.

It used to be so deep in my memory. Ha, now I don’t even think about it.

However, whenever I pass by that bus stop, there is that added caution. It had died down over the years, but it is a scar.

Will scars never heal?

Will stupid mistakes haunt me for years? Forever?

Do you ever had moments when you run or walk and you think about something you said or did and you just cringe?

Though I do, I don’t have any that involved C.

I never noticed. Things that made me cringe were all the stupid things I said or played or did in front of people that drew attention to me, but such attention isn’t great.

I realised it takes wisdom to speak. Leading is doing stuff first then pull people along, it isn’t demanding someone to do something. Doing something like that really isn’t helping. 

Drawing attention to yourself, you will need to know what to say at the right time, if not, you are just doing redundant things. When you do redundant things, say hello to moments that will make you cringe.

I just baffle at how fleeting memories are.

Will it come to a point when it doesn’t matter anymore? Hmm, I just wonder.

It is significant. Very cool.