=605= Word: When You

There are times when you start writing and you really don’t know where it will go. You just want to write down your thoughts because emotions overwhelmed your soul.

It might not be negative emotions too. It is just all kinds of funny feelings dwelling in your being.

When you feel heaviness in your chest. When you feel the weight on your head. When you lie in bed and the only thought just comes and grip your heart. When something happens and you feel a bit happy about it. When you decided to do something. When you think about the distant future. When you think about life. When you think about people. When you think about abilities. When you think about music. When you think about drills. When you get anxious for the day.

All I want to say is that I understand.

Haha, perhaps I just got a little too introspective.

Lord, when such emotions and thoughts come, will you arrest them? Will you just come and stop my worries? Lord, you are great. When will my heart learn to love you, Lord?

Father, still my heart!