=615= Word: Exercise

Just recently, when I took my dad’s car, I would hear both my parents coughing inside it. If this was the me before army, I would have not even bothered thinking that it is out of place. I mean, I cough and sneeze very often too.

However, when they started coughing this week, it became something foreign to me. I realised that I haven’t been coughing or sneezing like that for a while. For the first time in 21 years, my body is actually healthy. Coughing, sneezing and the like are all away from me.

Oh how amazing exercise is! It really is incredible. Never have I felt better in my body. As FMA would say, to train the mind, one must train the body.


=614= Word: Dread

You know it is really sad right when someone you were rather close to before becomes someone you dread talking to.

Whenever certain names appear on my phone, I would know it is about work, not about wanting to catch up or talk, I jut dread even opening up the message so much. Some of these people were some of the closest people I was ever with. It is rather sad.

Then there are those people whom you are still close, still looking forward to their texts but once it starts, the conversations dies down. These are sad too, because I have no idea how to move forward.

Then there are people you look forward to texting and is easy to speak to them, thank you for investing in me. I appreciate it! 🙂 

The productions team just grew again, I dunno, I think we have become quite a closely knitted family. We are now a bunch of aesthetic loving people being Super critical over what we do. Very good! HAHA!

Thank you for blessing emerge Lord, never would I have thought that the team will have more people or that it would even grow into a team. I pray for more blessings Lord! 🙂 


=613= Reflections: Basic Course

It had been a great 10 weeks with the Basic Course of my vocation.

Through all these ten weeks, I utterly enjoyed myself with everything they taught us.

I often catch myself praising how well done the course was in teaching us what we need to do. Something I find lacking in the place before this, but I found here was the fact that they actually train us to think and lead. Not that I am trying to discredit anything. There needs to be some more thinking for the place before this. They need to realise that we are educated to a certain extent, just treating us as someone that will think wouldn’t harm you know. What basic course has totally proven is that you can be both disciplined and humane at the same time. You can demand standards and still give good welfare.

It wasn’t easy of course. I learned a lot through the whole course. I learned the more niched skills like how to effect search and arrest, policing modules and access control modules. I also learned MANY soft skills like how to be disciplined to rid of bad habits, how to lead, how to give commands, etc etc. It was surely tough, but thank goodness it was fun.

My physical fitness improved A LOT. Running every Monday, Wednesday and Friday really helped. You have no idea how tiring it is to do cadence run at my warrant’s speed and still needing to sing songs and still needing to get the whole course together. Instilling discipline into is just made us disciplined to train as well.

I give thanks for my commanders. I have found favour in many of them. Some trust me in leading people during the exercises. Some commented that I was very patient and pitied me when I was going through the assessments. My own syndicate trainer even went the extra mile to recommend me to become the ICs for several exercises and wrote report for me to become the platoon best trainee. Which I got! HEHE! 

I have really learned so many things within this 10 weeks and I give thanks for it. God has really blessed me with a lot.

I get to do a lot of ground work with good hours and interesting things to do and learn. Well, let me see how things go from now on. Things are looking up! 🙂


=612= Relfections: Assessment Part 2

I noticed several details during the assessment.

The lazy guy always have the worse attitude when it comes to learning. He doesn’t want to be here in NS. He doesn’t want to come to my vocation. Studying for his assessment was torture to him.

The more I saw, the more clear it is to me, the reason why was because his attitude was bad. He doesn’t learn anything because he doesn’t take pride in his work.

When a man stops taking pride in his work, this is what you will become. Lazy. Irritable. Frustrated. Angry. He will get irritated because he see no point in your actions.

When there is no meaning or significance in what you do, it will be a waste of time to you. Humans need drive and meaning. When things happen, people want the reason. When there is no drive, can you blame a person for Bad attitude?

You can only blame for no meaning or drive.

An interesting point I noticed from my friends was that the two Malays in my syndicate tend to be rather good in practical but bad in theory. They seem to think that presentation is more important than content. Well for a person that literally studies aesthetics I do think that presentation is very important. However, I do think that presentation will follow once the content is there. Content is still key.

It is rather sad, because they actually know what they are doing they just don’t have the confidence to present what they know. As a result, it appears that they don’t know what they know. Schools should teach their students how to express themselves without using bombastic vocabulary or encourage them to use simple language to do it. They get stuck in between expressing themselves and overthinking so much on how to express themselves.

Complaining that “I need a break” isn’t going to solve the problem if you need to do it. Suck it up, stop finding excuses.

If you asked someone for help and he is already trying his best to help you, don’t be an ass, if you get frustrated with him, come on shut up. You have no right to be angry. You need to understand that he is taking time out to help you, he has the right to refuse to help.

Details and keywords are important. The lazy guy got frustrated because I wanted the key words out of him. He claims that there was no difference that the instructor would know. If it was only so convinient. -sigh-

Lord, the patience you have given me is really quite commendable. Thank you Lord. Keep me loving and patient Lord.

Stay with me through this battle Lord.


=611= Relfections: Assesments

Ok, I am left with 6 minutes before lights out, so let’s make this quick.

Done with 2/5 stations with the assessment. Noticed a few things.

1. Grace is needed everywhere

During the assessment, we were paired in groups of three. We were supposed to go together for assessment but answer indivually. If one person screws up, we will be sent back to study again.

In my group, there was this person with bad attitude and he is lazy, almost everyone in the syndicate dislikes working with him. In my previous assessment, we got pulled back because of him too.

My other friend in the group, often laugh and make bad comments about him. I refuse to join in. Today, this friend, that laughs and make bad comments, screwed up too, but we weren’t sent back.

We were however sent back because of the first guy, the one that is lazy.

We really need grace to deal with everything. Don’t be arrogant.

Ok continued Tmr! 

=610= Words of Melancholy: Times

There are times when you have all the things you want but your body is so tired to do anything with them.

There are times when you seem like someone rather popular, but you just want to be close to one or two in the whole crowd.

There are times when you question and regret your own decisions when at that point in time, you wouldn’t have done anything else.

There are times when you wait and grief but nothing comes.

Oh my soul, will you stay still within me? 

Why are you so downcast?

Why are you so weak?

You have someone that loves you so much, can you stop wallowing in self pity? Come on.

Stand up, walk again.

Use all that God has given you.

Love all those that God has put in your life.

Forgive yourself of mistakes made. 

Be patient.

Won’t you walk with God again?

Yes Father, I will.