=621= Thanksgiving: Change

We were told to write down our thanksgiving for the year yeaterday.

The first line I wrote was, “Thank God for change.”

I wonder why?

I have never been too big on change. I really like my life to be rather routine-like and without any surprises.

What changed? What made me give thanks for the change?

I guess the changes weren’t that bad.

Army was a rather fun time for me. Free food and exercise, what’s not to like? HAHA! I got posted to somewhere that really drilled my discipline. Somehow I realised that I enjoy being disciplined. Upholding a standard is somehow in my blood.

Productions was honestly hell during the first part of the year. It was SOOOO hard. I have no idea how people do it. I am such a messy dude and I need to handle service productions? What? HAHA! However, because of this, I actually managed to expand and grow the ministry. From a one man team, I expanded it to become a four man strong team. It was really fun. It was amazing to see how people step up and grow too.

Cell in YA is just delightful. I got posted to one cell, but I didn’t go for it at all due to how busy I was in school. Then subsequently, it just felt a bit difficult to go into a cell with people I am in farmilar with, on a Friday nonetheless. Then I decided to go to Dan’s cell and it was really fun. The people were loving and caring and I don’t feel like I belong to a clique or anything, my cell is my clique. Thank you Pris and Carlton for making cell so much fun and place I can belong to.

Overall progression of life was currently a bit hard for me. Just being in a different stage of life from people is very hard for me. I find it rather hard to find my place in ministry. People have other people to talk to but I don’t. The people I am close to would talk to other people during it and I find myself out of place very often. So I just sit tight behind consoles so that I am in a comfortable place.

Change is scary and not always good, but oh well, I shall make use of my time to learn a lot more new things. HAHA.

Thank you God for blessing me.


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