=631= Reflections: Fitness

Haha, just bumped into an old secondary school friend! I was so happy when she said that I lost weight! AHAHAH!

So now that unit life has started, I have been going to the gym a lot. If I don’t have duty, it is go to the gym for exercise day. My workout will start with me running on the treadmill for about 4km, then 10 sets of lat pull down, 10 sets of bicep curl and finally 10 sets of chest pulls. I will then end the work out with a simple core game I learned from my friend.

I am glad to say that my body is looking better than it has even been.

Several things I have learned from working out.

1. How hard it is to burn calories and fats.
Man, I can tell you that running at 13km/hr for 4.5km only burns 336 calories…. That is like ONE Lor Mai Kai. I have been reading up on this. I have been counting calories going into my body. 

2. Diet is so important
Diet is SOOO important. I mean, it is just logical. If you are eating more calories than you are burning, it is obvious that you will gain weight. Hope I will be motivated to lose more weight. I am so sad that I have gained 4 kilos since BMT. Probably just me eating without thinking. -sigh- so sad….

3. Just because you have a good looking body doesn’t mean you are fit/you will get a better score for IPPT.
-sigh- such a sad truth. I haven’t been training for IPPT at all, I thought that my gym work outs will be sufficient, but to my horror, I was SOOO wrong. I did static exercises when I was in Taiwan because I was rather scared that I will lose my fitness after eating so much. Goodness, my 37 push ups and 53 sit-ups became 30 push ups and 42 sit-ups. Goodness. I had a worse looking body then but I was so much fitter.

This means that I will need to train more for push-ups and sit-ups. While I run more too. Probably conduct my own speed training every once in a while. I am quite happy to say that I am running as fast as the SOD people.

Oh well, I most definitely gained more weight from Taiwan as well. This is so sad…

Oh just saying but Kaoshiung and Tainan are definely better than Taipei and Tai Chong in just about every aspect. AHAHA, but that is for another post.

Oh and there is this friend of mine, I dunno, I am close to him and all, but like, it is really hard for me to trust what he says sometime. I dunno, I find him too confident about what he thinks he knows. I sometimes hear him talk about stuff that I clearly know more than him and he is arguing with me about it. Why is there even anything to argue about? It just frustrates me because he is quite a dear friend. Just wish that he will gain a bit more substance before being confident about what he says.


=630= Words of Melancholy: J333

Today I went for J333 at G1 and honestly, I was really disappointed with the attendance at the prayer meeting. -sigh-

To understand my heart you must first understand what J333 means to me.

I still remember before even J333 was a thing, there was this monthly prayer meeting. Was the name prayer and worship night? Power and worship night? I really cannot remember. I remembered going there with Aaron and Kennaf was so happy to see me attend the prayer meeting.

I remember that we kept standing up and siting down until one of the pastor said sit down and pray because another pastor was tired of standing alr. HAHA.

I must be Sec 2 or 3 then, it was one of the few nights I returned home rather late. It was the only time I went for it.

Then somewhere during Sec 3, they started J333, when I went, it was really different. It was just one worship leader playing keys. Three mics set on the mic stand at three positions of the lvl 3 hall. We worshipped. Then they would ask anyone who have received from the Lord to come up and speak. I could hardly remember what was being spoken, but I saw it slowly change.

Over time, the band got larger. The prayer meeting started to be more of a worship encounter kinda thing. It was a rather good time for me. I would end school, rush for my drum lessons, go to Liang Court walk around or bras Barsah to check new equipment out. Go to church early to study. Then go to Redhill and meet Jowen for dinner before going for J333. It was a weekly event. I really enjoyed those times. Not only was it time for myself, it was a nice time to spend time with God and rest in the middle of the week. A good time to recharge.

Oh, I still remember that I would sometimes go up to the lvl 4 hall to practice drums before it starts. It was such an innocent and harmless(haha, yep you know who you are) time.

Even when G1 got torn down. I continued the tradition. Slowly Jowen stopped coming for J333, but I continued. Some part of me loved having some time in the week to worship God.

Then I slowly entered CAMY and I could only go J333 every alternate week, but still it was still a wonderful time for me to rest.

After all this time, I still look to J333 as where I have found my faith and received forgiveness and salvation. It was where I slowly grew comfortable in praying in tongues. It was where I slowly grew comfortable praying even! It was where I confessed my sins to God. It was where I grew up.

Even in times when we were in St John’s St Margrets. It was fond fond fond memories of prayer and having faith. It was where I exercised my faith to pray for people I don’t know. It was where I started my walk.

J333 in G1 used to fill up Galilee to a considerable amount. Today, the size of the prayer meeting was just so sad. Only about half the chairs were filled in Emmaus. It couldn’t have been more than 60/70 people. The full time staff makes up almost 10 percent of the crowd. I am just so pained to see that.

The fellowship area in G1 used to be so lively before J333, today, it was dead silence.

What is this man?

Have we forgotten the joy of coming together to pray?

I mean sure even if there are more people in G2 J333 now, it is still just so sad.

Come for J333 man. Let’s pray and start revival in this church. We need to start bringing people in to pray.

As a leader before, nothing drains me more than stone cold hearts with no response. The atmosphere in the place is rather alarming.

God you bring the fire. Bring the passion in this prayer meeting again! Lord, may we be a church that prays together.


=629= Reflections: Song Writing

Something that has been on my mind for quite a while now, is song writing.

I have always noted that I have some sort of a knack at coming up with certain melodies here and there. I have taken some action over the years to record these short melodies on my phone.

This year, being more free in ministry and plenty of time in camp, I have started to do some producing of my own. Not very sophisticated and VERY tedious. I have about 4 song ideas as of this year alr. I want to produce one track per month. Hopefully this will turn out well.

The funny thing is that, I asked my friends for help and the returns were amazing! HAHA! I really hope this year will be a year of more original songs. Simple demos here and there. Start small!

Oh and pray that more of these songs will be God centered. The songs that were easier to write are songs that reflect my feelings. I find it hard to write songs that honours God rather than painting a picture or a scene.

God, bless me.


=626= Word: Ready

I observed around me and I realised that number one often isn’t the smartest, the fastest or the best at the job. Number one is often the one that was the most ready.

Perhaps I am not ready ah. Ha. Ok lah, I am really not ready. Let’s see how God changes my heart in these 6 months. God, blow my mind! HAHA