=633= Reflections: Clients

Hmmm, a recent meetup with G and a recent event in camp just made me really think.

Over dinner G could tell I don’t really like clients. HAHAHA. Well, I can’t deny, I really don’t. Ok lah, not really dislike, but working with clients is really tiring sometimes.

I still remember ETG days when I had to mic people up and follow instructions of the stage manager then, only getting glares here and there because they weren’t clear and I was just following instructions.

The most tiring thing is when the client don’t know what they want but expects quality. You get into a whole process of passive aggressive words because you are doing them a favour but not what they expects. So tiring Sia.

Ok so back to today’s event. Today we had a cohesion day in the track. It was kinda like a carnival with games that will eventually lead you to win prizes. I had to do a show with a basic 10 channel analog board and two mackie speakers. It was horribly challenging. First challenge, we were using the whole area that comprises of the grandstand and the whole track. 

How in the world am I suppose to cater sound for the whole area with two speakers? -.- My internship report had a portion on the inverse square law of sound. It basically states that sound level disperses in a inverse square way. At one meter, you hear at x level. At two meters, you hear it at 1/4 the level of x. With only two speakers, people near the speakers will go deaf, people far from the speakers will not be able to hear clearly.

Then, with the speakers facing the track, how do you expect to be clear? We are hearing the early reflections from the ground + the frequencies that the speakers would produce in an omni way. Halfway through, turn the speaker around, don’t give me time to tune and all, confirm feedback right? 😫

Not only that, the amp was driving the speakers to the max alr but it still wasn’t enough to hear clearly. Help lah. Either give me a different speaker and amp or give me more speakers can not? 😫

I don’t even have a GEQ to tune the speakers. Help lah, just buy those Yamaha analog boards with a built in GEQ can? It even has reverb built in.

That is also why I really dislike live sound. Things just go wrong. People from the signals platoon got very confused with my workflow. They thought that sound is just set and go. I cringe at the thought of that, as if sound is so simple. There are so many factors to consider. Acoustics, crowd volume, noise, clarity, annoying frequencies, feedback, radio interference just to name a few. Live sound is so dynamic that I get frustrated not being able to hear the tone I want. I am also limited by my equipment. With so little, one can only make do with what they have.

I was quite proud of my signal processing innovation today. I had a mic that was on full gain and my fader was all the way alr, but it was still too soft. Since it wasn’t feed backing. I decided to send the signal to a monitor send then route the signal back to a input channel, so that I have another channel’s gain. Not only that, I realised that this gave me one more set of EQ. However it isn’t so straight forward as having more EQ points. It acts somewhat like a parallel compressor, but for EQ. It only makes the frequencies you want louder because it is a seperate channel reinforcing the first channel. Quite a silly thing to do, but I really had nothing else I can do but that.

Every since yesterday, the signals platoon kept telling me to go to the SI course and go signals. HAHA. Quite flattering but no thanks.

It was a tiring show. I am so tired of hearing EDM. It all sounds so similar…. 😫 so boring. I can replay the same few EDM songs over like 3 times and people won’t notice it at all because it is all the same. 😒

I really hope that I won’t have to do more of these kinda shows… It is really draining and I don’t even get to play… 😦

Not only that, not even a word of thanks… Really not worth my time and effort. 

Oh well, gotta live with it.



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