=635= Reflections: Spring Cleaning 

Ok, let me put this out there. I am a hoarder. AHAHAHA!

Yeah, unfortunately it is in my nature to keep everything and I mean everythng. From packaging to plastic bags to old worksheets from primary school. I just don’t throw stuff away.

However, several things made me rather irritated and made me decide to clean my room and throw away stuff.

One, it just got WAY too out of hand. My room was so messy that at one point, I have close to no walking space. Whenever I mop my floor, I can’t even reach the corners because there are items placed there. My table was SOOO messy I had no space to even put down my laptop. The sheer amount of things I have overflowed out of my room to the living room and even to he master bedroom. My mum constantly scolds me for not packing my own room and making a mess out of her own room. It got to a point where I knew I had to clear it.

Two, army happened. This triggered several things. First, we do area cleaning quite often in a week. In basic course, I did area cleaning every tues and thurs and whenever we book out. Cleaning dust off your bed frame and top of the locker just made me realise how quickly and easily dust would form on a surface. Second, to maintain neatness in something, one needs to clean and arrange often. Third, having more things makes things hard to clean. The more I stuff my locker, the more I had to find and make space for it. Fourth, I kinda felt more ownership for my locker than my room.

Ok, I probably have to explain my last point. My room used to be kinda like a play room for both my sis and I. Then I would sleep over in my parents’ room. Then when I got older, we bought furniture for my bedroom, but all those other stuff had to go somewhere. It went into the cabinets in my room. So since I got my room, my room were full of old souvenirs, photo albums, old toys and crates of old books. I felt that I never had much choice what goes in my room. Whenever I cleaned my room, I wouldn’t even touch those items because they were there because it was placed there. When I got to army and had my own personal locker, I decide what goes in or out.

So for spring cleaning this year, I decided to put in more effort this time. I decided to take everything out. Throw away old toys, shift the old souvenirs out and decide what goes where in my room.  To be honest, it was WAY easier in my head than it was in real life. When I started, I started on the first three external cabinets. I followed a rather effective system to clean.

  1. I would shift everything out
  2. I would clean off the dust of every single drawer, top of the cabinet and bottom of the cabinet if possible. 
  3. I would go through every single item and judge which to throw and which to keep.
  4. I would slowly throw away stuff.
  5. Slowly put back everything into the cabinets by design. 
  6. Unwanted things will be placed outside for my family to see if they want to keep it.

So just as a reference, let me show you the first day.

Goodness so many things… 😫

Just this alone took me the whole day to clean.

Then I subsequently cleaned my table and today, my in-built cabinets. Each took a considerably exorbitant amount of time, but the result was fantastic. I now have enough walking space to open to possibilities of a sleep over; I now have enough space to put a sleeping bag on my floor. I am able to use the dresser cabinets like I am supposed to. Hopefully I would be able to clean and throw away enough stuff such that I will be able to put in a hifi in my room and not have boxes on my floor. Soon. Soon. 

Several things to learn.

  1. Things that are given to you aren’t your’s until you take ownership of it. You not only need to use it, you need to clean and maintain it.
  2. Unused/unread/spoiled stuff are all unnecessary. Even if you plan to get something fixed, if you don’t use it very often, you may want to place it somewhere else.
  3. Plastic bags may protect the stuff from dust, but it adds to the mess.
  4. To clear the mess, one needs to throw away unnecessary items/items that aren’t your own.
  5. What remains are usually what matters more.
  6. Peeling/flaking items needs to be replaced.
  7. Dust forms everywhere that is facing the roof. It is quite a sad truth.
  8. If you want something to be neater, you should throw stuff away, not buy more shelves to keep it all. Sometimes having more shelves just makes it harder to clean.
  9. It might just be worth it to buy moth balls/dehumidifier to keep your cabinets dr, so that no mould will form on your clothes. It will keep your clothes from yellowing too.
  10. Of course there is room for sentiment. I definitely don’t think you should throw away everything. I treasure my cards and gifts. The idea is simply to keep them together, tidy and organised. 
  11. One phone card on its own is trash, many phone cards together is a collection. Collections might be worth something. 

I also stumbled upon some rather interesting stuff too. I found some presents for my mum’s 21st birthday. Some old photos. Etc etc. Such a strange feeling you know. Can you imagine that my mum is younger than me when she recieved her present? So much history.

Oh well, spring cleaning is pretty dope. HAHA. Hope to maintain this clean room.

Ok, gonna rest soon! 🙂 

See you guys soon.



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