=636= Reflections: Presentations

Recently, a friend asked if I was good with presentations.

I was a bit stumped. I know that I can probably do a presentation well if I prepared for it and did my homework, but I don’t think I will be VERY good with it.

I thought about it and realised that the reason to this is due to the types of modules that I took in poly. Sure, poly is a time where you have to group up and do presentations together, almost every semester, however, the way that my course was structured and the types of projects that I had were all rather product based, rather than theory based.

I seldom do research and pitch a plan. I simply do up a product and show them what I have completed. Be it a song we recorded, a video we shot or a show we mixed, it boils down to whether what we did was good or not. When something is product based, it was always, let my product do the talking kinda presentation. If it was good, then great, if it was bad then oh no. It was just as simple as that.

However, all these “products” that I have produced over the years all added up to become my portfolio. I can show people what I can do and what I have done. Every single photo, every single video, every song and show, everything was kept well. Who would proudly show their friends of the presentation that they did? Who even keeps such school presentations? I do and I am still showing people eat I have down over the years. 

I show people what I have shot, what I have mixed, because it was what I have thought up, what I have captured and engineered. I am proud of what I produce because I love what I do. I am pretty sure I would keep my old shots somewhere when I grow old and I would reminisce whenever I find it and go through the shots.

Having produced many things, I will soon find a platform to keep archive of all these forms of media. I call it Future Records Archive.

I will publish the platform soon. HAHA. Let me do more producing now.



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