=650= Reflections: Opinion

Hmm, as I continue to produce my chinese song, I am bombarded with quite a few opinions.

It is rather hard to find a sweet spot where everyone is happy. One person tells me the song is too fast and another tell me that the song is too slow. I guess that is my job, to test what is doable and try if it is feasible. If it isn’t then I will have to stick to what I have. I will have to decide what I want and what I don’t.

Just last night we had a dialogue with our superior and it was just quite a tiresome session getting scolded. Our superior laid down what he had to make our platoon better and kept pointing to the point that we do nothing. He kept introducing stuff to us to do. I mentioned several stuff that is out of his appointment to do.

I am rather disappointed with some of my platoon mates. They just have such bad arguing skills. Why are you fighting for something that is a by left issue? And fight with no substance? Your point cannot be supported because it has no logic behind it, you are just making things worse.

To make an argument, you need cold hard facts that is for a good cause. You cannot argue, “why can’t we stay in bunk?” Because we all know we are not supposed to be in bunk. You can only argue that the room isn’t big enough to ask for some sort of a compromise.

To fight a battle like this is like telling our superiors that we have been doing the wrong thing all along, so why can’t we do the wrong thing now?

Compromise needs leverage. You can’t use something wrong as leverage, is it really so hard to see?

Well it isn’t that my superior is all correct too. I realised that I have a low tolerance for questions that you want your answer for. You cannot try to make a point about doing nothing, booking in just to book out, when we were suggesting to do stuff in the morning. How is that not doing something? Can we please have someone who can actually make a point that is valid?

Oh well, our moral is down now, I wonder what else will happen. -sigh-

Being a leader isn’t about deciding things and push your decisions to your underlings. It also takes a huge amount of listening and testing and doing stuff. There is also a limit to what you can do in a day. If you really feel like comparing, why don’t you compare then. You probably will be surprised with what you see. Not everyone will be happy, but I wonder if there could be a better solution.

Oh well. Hope the changes will be manageable.


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