=651= Words of Melancholy: Buck Up

What is this feeling?

The feeling of familiarity among a feeling of being out of place.

Feeling of being close to few and not wanting to talk to others.

Am I really that straight forward? Am I that easy to read?

I feel so tired, I have been trying so hard, why are you not listening to me, my own body?

Do you really hate God that much? Do you really love being away from God?

Come on Kelvin. Buck up. Run back to God will you? Live for Him again. Stand up and go back.

Father, please never be sick of chasing after me. Please make me a better person.


On the bright side of things, I started producing quite a bit of stuff for my own works. It has been incredible. It is really so much fun. Soon I will have my own track out with the music video. Hopefully I can produce something if high quality.