=653= Word: Nodding

In my unit, we tend to have a nodding drill culture. We aren’t in a platoon that can command, we need to nod then execute the command. It is a practice that in some ways difficult to manage.

It requires attention, if you just don’t pay attention, one person would execute earlier than the other. It requires faith, we cannot hesitate, once we hesitate, the drill won’t be executed accurately.

One would have to read one’s facial expression very well. Alerting him before nodding.

Well, today’s problem was because of me. I screwed up because I wasn’t paying attention. I need to learn how to focus. Though focusing so long is rather challenging.

I also have been thinking about another statement, “you cannot expect him(higher ups) to call a contractor to fix just ONE thing what.”

Erm, that is the problem. Something that can be fixed immediately, should be fixed immediately. Why, you ask? 

It is a simple concept, think about a room, this room has 4 aircon units to cool this room. One aircon spoils and it cannot cool air. It is now up to three aircon units to cool the room. The 3 aircon units will be working the load meant for 4. Not only will it not be as efficient—the area covered by the spoiled aircon wouldn’t be as cool as those cover by the other three—it will be overworking the 3. Are you seriously telling me that you will wait until all four units are spoiled before fixing all of it? 

Why not fix the one spoiled aircon and extend the lifespan of the other three? It would ensure a better cooled room for a longer period of time too.

Just be fair alright? With so many damages, I doubt the contractor would only come down once. So what is the difference anyway?

My mum made a comment that made me wonder, “you have a lot of opinions nowadays!”

Really? HAHA, I thought I always did. I know that ever since I learned from Kim Lau, Steven and Robin, I have learned to have an opinion on things. Music producers needs to have a direction and preference.

Maybe I always did, I just grew a bit more vocal about it.

If not, have I grown a bit too opinionated and arrogant? 
I dunno, I hope not. God, keep my patient and slow to anger(or irritation that is.) 

On a lighter note, my dreams of having a music video was shattered,(AHAHAHA melodramas much) the couple I had in mind to act for me rejected me. Nooooo….

Now I have so much trouble thinking of who to ask. I might just change the concept of the video entirely. Who knows. Oh well, let me just get my music production down first bah!

Everyday with you is a good day Lord! 🙂


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