=654= Word: Thanksgiving of the Day

Ok, maybe I should explain what the unnumbered posts are.

If you follow this space for long, you would know that I used to have a segment that I stopped doing because it was tedious, “Thankgiving of the Week.”

The purpose of that segment was to give glory to God for whatever small blessings he has given me. However, I found it difficult to maintain it, because the time spent on my phone grew lesser and lesser.

As of recent days, I feel rather disconnected from God. I need to get back connected. I realised that my physical and mental state when I do QT is rather important. Being disciplined to rest so that I can give God my best time, is rather challenging for me, but it is of upmost importance.

Perhaps I should try to keep a praying schedule, to pray every few hours. To meditate on God’s word.

It is tough, but necessary. Come on Kelvin, buck up a little! Pray! Talk to God more will you?

God, please bring me closer to you. Help me to love you again Lord.


Thanksgiving of the Day: 10/4/2018

10/4 Thanksgiving:
Woke up rather early, took my own time to change
Parade didn’t go very well, but it was still acceptable I guess
Maintained my 2.4km time
Cookhouse was delicious today!
Driving went well! So happy I cleared two subjects.
Drove out of the driving school by myself today
Went past G2 in the car! Haha!
Went back home, had plenty of rest
Food at ahma house is always good
Watched a lot of episodes of the 100
Rested very well