=654= Word: Thanksgiving of the Day

Ok, maybe I should explain what the unnumbered posts are.

If you follow this space for long, you would know that I used to have a segment that I stopped doing because it was tedious, “Thankgiving of the Week.”

The purpose of that segment was to give glory to God for whatever small blessings he has given me. However, I found it difficult to maintain it, because the time spent on my phone grew lesser and lesser.

As of recent days, I feel rather disconnected from God. I need to get back connected. I realised that my physical and mental state when I do QT is rather important. Being disciplined to rest so that I can give God my best time, is rather challenging for me, but it is of upmost importance.

Perhaps I should try to keep a praying schedule, to pray every few hours. To meditate on God’s word.

It is tough, but necessary. Come on Kelvin, buck up a little! Pray! Talk to God more will you?

God, please bring me closer to you. Help me to love you again Lord.


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