=655= Thanksgiving: IPPT Gold

HAHA, I finally did it. I got the first IPPT gold of my life.

Let me review all the IPPT I have done so far.

Before everything let us start with pre-enlistment NAPFA test:
19 push-ups
52 sit-ups
11 minutes 30 seconds

I spent a month training before getting this score, which I was pretty proud of because I was better than two of my classmates. However, after that, I stopped training altogether and when I enlisted, I could barely do one push-up.

First IPPT (Leopard)
2 push-ups
25 sit-ups
11 minutes 40 seconds

Hillarious lah, looking back, only doing 2 push-ups is really such a joke. Even with the added no counts, I probably only did I dunno 6? I am really appalled at how bad my upper body was.

Second IPPT (Leopard)
8 push-ups
36 sit-ups
12 minutes 20 seconds

With my push-ups still under the 1 point mark, I decided to help my friend in running instead. He got his pass, so that was nice.

Third IPPT (Leopard)
18 push-ups
48 sit-ups
11 minutes 4 seconds

My Encik warned that if I don’t pass my third IPPT, it will be very hard after field camp, because the physical fitness will go down while the combat fitness goes up. I trained rather hard, forcing myself to do push-ups everyday for a good period of a week, on top of the exercises that the company has scheduled for. It was a really tiring time, but somehow, I managed to push through. 

Fourth IPPT (MP Basic Course)
37 push-ups
53 sit-ups
10 minutes 10 seconds

I enjoyed myself utterly in this course, because it really proves that discipline can be high even with welfare. There is really no need to scold for no reason, scolding with reason not only helps us think before we do, it also helps us be proper thinking soldiers. Fitness can be cultivated too! My running was cut by almost a minute because of the constant cadence runs on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Push-ups improved more than double! I also did my own regime for IPPT, forcing myself to do 100 push-ups(not in one go) per day. It was painful, but honestly worth it! First time getting a silver man! 🙂 It was also the first time gold was in sight at 82 points. Cut another 3 points and I would get my gold.

38 push-ups
56 sit-ups
9 minutes 44 seconds

Ok this is now a special one, for this happened today! To prepare for this IPPT, I went on a diet, cutting down on snacks and sweet drinks. Then for two weeks, I did alternate between statics and running. My push-ups still being in the 30s is honestly very discouraging for me because I really trained quite hard for it. 😦 thank goodness my sit-ups improved by 1 point, making the required timing for gold to be 9 minutes 50 seconds. Honestly, if you asked me, that was quite impossible for me. So far, in my training in two weeks, the fastest time I have gotten was 10 minutes 19 seconds. Which was why I wanted to improve my push-ups. When I finally ran and got 9 minutes 44 seconds, it was a miracle man. I was so happy. The 100plus provided never tasted so good.

After the run, I decided to spoil myself with canteen food instead of cookhouse. HAHA. Then I celebrated with my mum at Wicked and Garlic, which have dope pizza and pasta by the way! 

Thank you God for the amazing journey to my Gold! 🙂

I never thought I could get the gold, but I finally got it! 🙂