=681= Reflections: Socially Awkward

In my time in church, I noticed about 3-4 people with strange behaviour. They are people with low EQ. Not that they are saying offensive things, but something about the way the interact with people is very strange.

Some of them unload out sensitive information too early. Be it an abusive father or a struggle with something, they dish out information like that without thought.

Some of them act way too close way too early. Hugging someone that they just met. Saying things like “did you miss me?” Even though you guys aren’t close.

They just aren’t comfortable with silence and often make very funny statements that no one makes.

As a result of their strange behaviour, church people often have no idea how to interact with them.

It is a challenge to love these people. It is very hard for you to relate to them. You have no idea of what they say is true. You feel a bit uncomfortable because you have not warmed up to them yet. It just feels weird you see.

How should we as christians and the church interact with these people?

God, give me the patience, love and compassion to love these people.


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