=684= Word: Trash Bag

“Don’t put a trash bag here, later other people treat this room as a rubbish bin!”

I get a bit disappointed with this statement because of a few things. Isn’t it sad that in training courses we learn so much about teamwork but when we come to units and we become so lazy? I totally get that it is really annoying that we will need to clear trash even if it isn’t our own trash, but seriously, why are we so particular over something so simple?

Is it really that hard to replace a plastic bag for the rubbish bin? Instead you settle for a dirty office with bottles everywhere. Just because you don’t want to throw other people’s trash. Unfair as it is, the alternative is that your work place is filthy. Is it really worth the small extra task that you need to do?

Sometimes my seniors would annoy me with a similar issue. In the bunk, we have a trash bin. My seniors really dislikes clearing trash, so they use this argument. “I don’t throw trash into the bin, I keep my own trash, so why should I go clear it?”

In terms of fairness, sure, if you never did use it, why should you be the one that clear it, it makes perfect sense. Surely the one that used it should be the one that clears it. However is it really such a big deal that you have to fight over something so menial? If we are really nitpicking, I can bring the same concept forward, “Since you don’t pay for WIFI at home, you shouldn’t use it!”

Why be so selfish? It isn’t like I am asking you do one more extra duty, it is just a simple task that everyone can do. Life is full of things that are unfair, just deal with it.

My previous sergeants would always discourage me from sweeping the staircase myself. I will always tell them that it is really easy, really nothing too difficult. They then will counter it with, “Yeah, it is simple, so why can’t others come and sweep too?”

The thing is you cannot always expect other people to do things. If A expects B to do, B expects C to do and C expects A to do, who in the world will actually do it?

Expectations seems to work better top down; a boss expecting his employee to not be late to work. Expectations don’t work as well sideways. Very few people I know give expectations to their peers. Can you imagine a friend saying, “To be my friend, you need to greet me every time you see me, listen to me for 30 mins every time you see me and buy me a birthday present.”

It is very strange that as a person of the same rank, you go up to your friend and say, “Hey go sweep the floor. It is your responsibility!”

Unless it has been previously decided upon, it isn’t something that is nice to say. So I take it upon myself to go sweep the floor. The alternative is to not sweep the floor at all and get scolded for something can be avoided very easily.

People should really just think about the alternative.

Is it really worth it to let the place be so dirty and be scolded?