=688= Word: Rank and Position

While the rank of CFC was added to reward high performing corporals for their hard work. In some ways, I find that the rank is really toxic.

I hear of platoon mates that would step up and show off just to get the rank. While it may be true that it encourages the men to perform well to get the rank, when the man is inexperienced when it comes to leading, it often sparks quite a bit of pride and arrogance.

You start to hear statements like, “Oh, should I tell our superior about this ah? The fate of the platoon lies in my hand.”

“Hey Sergeant just appointed me to do this.”

“Wah I did so much in this parade, I was doing the specs'(sergeants’) job.”

“I thought that A was bad as a spec, who knew B was even worse.”

Flaunt of power/responsibilities, listing down the things that you have done, putting down other people or worse your superiors are just some signs of pride.

Everyone will have such experience at one point in time. I personally remember back in BB in secondary school and when I thought that I was better than the CSM and the DSM. It made me rather spiteful and actually gotten quite a few people angry with me. My teacher actually sat me down and told me that I was very arrogant. Something I was very thankful for. After he pointed that out, I learned how to do my best while not putting other people down; to work hard without asking for much in return. It may not make sense to you, it may not be fair, but being spiteful is definitely not godly.

While I see the need for such a rank, I really think that it has caused quite a strain on relationships among people in the platoon. I think that life in army is hard enough, having drama between people over a rank is really not cool man.

May we all grow up and not fight over something like this and work together to get through the two years together.

God, help us learn how.