=690= Thanksgiving: Driving Test

Thank God! Praise God! I passed! It is really a miracle that I have passed.

During warm up everything was going fine. In fact, I kinda felt that it was probably my best run in the circuit. Though the instructor did comment on my judgement. Then he left me to wait. Then, this Chinese Traffic Police came out and called my name.

During the circuit, he actually aided me a bit. Telling me to go here and there. My S-course was without a hitch. My slope went smoothly, thank God! My vertical parking was good, but he told me to reverse a bit more, so I was a bit disappointed. Then direction change, my car was a bit too much to the left, thankfully I didn’t mount or strike. Then came something that never ever happened before. My left leg starting shaking and trembling non- stop.

It happened just before my crank course, so when the TP asked me to go in, I was really scared. My left leg couldn’t stop shaking and my car was shaking non-stop. I entered the course with my car shaking. I knew at that point that it was really risky to do the course this way. So I stopped the car in the course, neutral gear handbrake, told the TP to give me some time, then I massaged my left leg. However, it proved to be useless, my car still shook uncontrollably while going through the course.

Thankfully, the turning points and all were done properly, so I completed the course without any points! Thank God! Then parallel parking was done properly. Thankfully.

Then we went out to the road, I kept missing things out. Things like forgetting to cancel signal and blind spot. Not to mention that the route was Teck Whye. He was silent throughout and kept tapping his tablet. So when we went back to BBDC, I was really down. Like really down. I was all ready to fail.

I waited in the room and I was all ready for him to tell me why I failed, but he didn’t. He came in and told me that I passed! PRAISE GOD! Oh my Gosh.

I passed with 18 points, it was a really close shave. Thank God for this! I am now a qualified driver!

Thank you so much God!


=689= Word: Before TP

It is 1 hour to my final driving test’s warm up and I am a bit freaking out.

For normal tests, I could practice until I was familiar with how to do the questions or at least be able to practice it until I am happy with it. For driving, it isn’t so simple, I have to book a slot and pay money to do it. If it were free, I would practice Everyday until I was more confident. Too bad that I have to do it like this.

Well, to be fair, it isn’t as if I am very unstable, I am just very scared. I think I have been practicing for a very long while and I am quite familiar, but I am just afraid that under the pressure I will panic and set me off to a bad start.

I have been thinking and honestly, learning driving is to make me a safe driver. I rather fail than to pass as an unsafe driver. So with that perspective in mind, I have tried my best to learn already. So God, still my heart, help me to take it one step at a time. Bless me O Father!

All praise goes to you Lord.

Whatever comes today, Lord, I know you have the best in mind for me. Being in NA has led me here, Father, I never would have thought that I would reach here when I was in secondary school. Thank you for blessing me so much. Thank you Lord.