=689= Word: Before TP

It is 1 hour to my final driving test’s warm up and I am a bit freaking out.

For normal tests, I could practice until I was familiar with how to do the questions or at least be able to practice it until I am happy with it. For driving, it isn’t so simple, I have to book a slot and pay money to do it. If it were free, I would practice Everyday until I was more confident. Too bad that I have to do it like this.

Well, to be fair, it isn’t as if I am very unstable, I am just very scared. I think I have been practicing for a very long while and I am quite familiar, but I am just afraid that under the pressure I will panic and set me off to a bad start.

I have been thinking and honestly, learning driving is to make me a safe driver. I rather fail than to pass as an unsafe driver. So with that perspective in mind, I have tried my best to learn already. So God, still my heart, help me to take it one step at a time. Bless me O Father!

All praise goes to you Lord.

Whatever comes today, Lord, I know you have the best in mind for me. Being in NA has led me here, Father, I never would have thought that I would reach here when I was in secondary school. Thank you for blessing me so much. Thank you Lord.


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