=692= Reflections: Driving

I think before I reflect on Indonesia, let me talk about my 9 month journey with Driving.

To be honest, I actually didn’t want to take the license. My family did not have a car and I was honestly ok with taking public transport and taxi everywhere. However, my mum wanted me to take the license, so I just did.

She actually just wanted me to take my BTT first. Her reasoning was that BTT would last forever, so I should just take it, the rest can come later. She does have a valid point. So I went to Bukit Batok Driving Center to apply for my BTT.

So why BBDC even though I stay very far away? There were a few things that I considered. First of all, was that I did not want to take weekend lessons at all. So if I had to travel down from camp BBDC would be closer. Then, to be honest, BBDC is the only driving center I know where the location was! HAHA! I always pass by it when I go to G2, so I thought about it, just try BBDC Lor.

I went in, wanting to only take BTT, but the sales guy helped me set up an account and everything. Within minutes, I was enrolled in BBDC school, not private. I chose school because I know myself, I need a syllabus to learn better and it definitely helped. When asked Auto and Manual, he told me it was the same price, so I just opted for manual! HAHA!

Theory was okay, I started with the four compulsory lessons all on one day. It was tiring, but at least it gave me a foundation on driving. Then came the Basic Theory Practice. I went for 2 practices then I went for the evaluation. Passed it. Then I had to wait a month to do my BTT.

Me being me, I just cannot sit by and watch time go by, so before I even sat for my BTT, I went for my Final Theory Practice and Evaluation. It has significantly more content than basic theory, but I still managed to finish it.

Then I was all ready to book my FTT, but it turns out I cannot book it before taking my BTT and getting my PDL.

I then got full marks for my BTT! HEHE! Right after I passed it, I went straight to apply for my PDL. Paid $25 and the next day, I applied for my FTT in two weeks and have my first driving lesson the next day.

The start of practical was rather confusing for me. I didn’t know the procedures to go for my lesson etc etc. When I finally got to the car, I just listened to instruction Lor. HAHA. I was so bad at driving! HAHA! I stalled twice and my instructor kept telling me to relax and let him help me steer because I kept turning too much or too early.

I saw Darryl’s account and his training history, it was really impressive, he managed to clear 2 subjects every lesson and even cleared 3 on one lesson. My training history is not so glamorous. I was honestly quite bad at driving. At the start I had trouble keeping on my own lane, I often turn too early and I had horrible clutch control; hence causing the car to shake quite badly.

Especially in Stage 2, I actually took very long to complete it. Only clearing 1 subject every lesson for most of my Stage 2. Having instructors that would scold you was really quite discouraging as well. I got scolded VERY badly on my second lesson that it really made me quite reluctant to drive. On another lesson, the instructor even took out the book and started marking me giving me 40 points even though I had no idea how to do certain things like checking blind spot.

As I progressed, I got better at driving. Slowly ridding of my bad driving habits. First with driving in my own lane, I began to understand how to tell if I was in my own lane with the IU. Then subsequently the car wheel. Then the turning too early and clutch control was settled in Stage 3, when I had to spend the whole lesson in the circuit and had to really control my speed. There were lessons that I only went to gear 2 a few times only.

I tried an auto car lesson once, it was really easy! AHAHA, I think that because I had to control so many things at once, so when I only had two pedals to control it was very easy for me to handle. My mind could be used to handle other things.

Oh I forgot about FTT! Oh yeah I got full marks for that too! AHEHEH!

Then finally last week I finally passed my test, I shall not go into details because I already mentioned it in the previous few posts!

Today I received my photo driving license, it is nice! I have worked 9 months for it! I can finally drive! 🙂